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Mobile: 0722-510346, 0717-941612 - Location: Luanda / Siaya Road, Siaya County
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Sagam Community Hospital is a private facility which strives to promote the health of the population by providing accessible, affordable, and appropriate quality inpatient and outpatient services to our patients.


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Posted on Aug 15 by

SCH and the African Institute for Health Transformation hosted the second installment of the eye research training sponsored by the Fred Hollows Foundation this week. The purpose of this exercise is to foster an intellectual passion for research that will ideally result in the elimination of preventable eye conditions in Kenya. The team of nine research assistants travelled from around the country back to Sagam to continue their training. Said Maurine Adhiambo from Bongoma county, “The entire training was informative. The pretest was a challenge that better prepared me for what to expect in the field. We had a nice stay, thanks to Sagam Community Hospital.” Solomon Tarus, of Baringo county, agreed, saying “Definitely. It was nice being in Sagam, it is a great environment. We received a warm reception, and above all I had an unforgettable learning experience from able facilitators. I am looking forward to engaging with SCH again in the future.” SCH is proud to host such innovative forums like these and look forward to continuing to train and educate new participants to further progress in their...


Eyeglasses Donation Allows SCH to Envision Brighter Future

Posted on Aug 8 by

This week SCH received a donation of eyeglasses from the collaborative efforts of the T. Kesia Nyawara Foundation and the Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center of Northern Virginia, Arlington VA. The generous donation included 1,005 pairs of glasses, which will be distributed to appropriate patients after they are examined using our new ophthalmic equipment. SCH would like to thank Elizabeth Oloo, Jane Staussi and Lilliane Nyawara for their continued support. Such generosity enables us to provide our patients with exceptional care. Below is a photo of our new glasses on...


Opening of ESM-STK at SCH!

Posted on Jul 13 by

This morning, Sagam Community Hospital officially launched the ESM-STK initiative, increasing the level of heart attack care the region can provide. Nurses, Clinical Officers, Community Health Workers and the MGH team gathered outside the hospital to celebrate with singing, dancing, face painting and baked goods. We are all very excited about this launch and feel empowered to now be better able to treat heart attack patients. Sagam Community Hospital now has Streptokinase, a drug to treat heart attacks, electrocardiogram machines to diagnose heart attacks and trained clinicians and nurses who are prepared to take care of these patients. Sagam Community Hospital is the only facility in western Kenya that has Streptokinase to treat patients having a heart attack. Streptokinase is a life-saving drug that can greatly increase a patient’s chance of survival and improve a patient’s quality of life after having a heart attack. A heart attack occurs when part of the heart dies because it’s not getting enough blood. Some signs and symptoms include chest pain/discomfort, difficulty breathing, shoulder/arm/back discomfort, jaw discomfort, sweating, and fatigue. People over forty...


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