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Mobile: 0722-510346, 0717-941612 - Location: Luanda / Siaya Road, Siaya County
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Sagam Community Hospital is a private facility which strives to promote the health of the population by providing accessible, affordable, and appropriate quality inpatient and outpatient services to our patients.


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SCH’s Blood Drive donates record amount of blood

Posted on Sep 19 by

Thank you to all of of those that participated in our quarterly blood drive at SCH. This blood drive was implemented by the Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service (KNTBS). Through this effort, we were able to donate 25 pints of blood (the biggest donation so far at SCH) that will be taken for screening and preparation for medical use at KNTBS towards assisting us in providing the necessary care to our patient. We are especially grateful to the KNTBS team and our laboratory team (Eric and Benard) that helped organize this effort. We look forward to the next quarterly donation drive!...


Community Health Workers meet to discuss ESM-STK

Posted on Sep 19 by

SCH’s Community Health Workers (CHWs) met today to discuss the Every Second Matters – Streptokinase (ESM-STK) Project. Dr. Mark Stoltenberg, a Global Health Fellow from MGH, discussed with the CHWs about the symptoms of a heart attack. Sagam Community Hospital now has Streptokinase, a drug to treat heart attacks, electrocardiogram machines to diagnose heart attacks and has trained clinicians and nurses who are prepared to take care of these patients. Streptokinase is a life-saving drug that can greatly increase a patient’s chance of survival and improve a patient’s quality of life after having a heart attack. The CHWs are now armed with the knowledge to inform the public on the symptoms and have also received posters translated in dholuo and kiswahili to help spread the message to the public. SCH’s community outreach programme is part of the hospital’s mission to provide accessible and affordable care to our community. The outreach programme is implemented weekly and the next outreach will take place this Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at Luanda...


SCH Meets Monthly Target for July under the Health Heart Africa Project

Posted on Sep 19 by

SCH is proud to be a part of the Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK)-Healthy Hearts Africa Extension Project towards reducing hypertension in our communities. CHAK released the performance indicators for SCH for the month of July. We are proud to announce that we are 1 of 16 facilities (out of 60 facilities) that has met their targets. SCH was ranked 12th overall with the biggest improvement showing in our treatment targets (i.e. the number of patients put on treatment). Overall, SCH had met its targets by 132%. SCH has noted that it can continue to improve in the numbers of people that are screened and will be strengthening efforts within the hospital to ensure that every person that comes in is screened (i.e. their blood pressure taken) and also during our outreach programs. Congratulations to our hardworking team of community health workers, nurses, clinicians and administrative assistants and the support from CHAK, MEDS and Astra...


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