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Mobile: 0722-510346, 0717-941612 - Location: Luanda / Siaya Road, Siaya County
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Sagam Community Hospital is a private facility which strives to promote the health of the population by providing accessible, affordable, and appropriate quality inpatient and outpatient services to our patients.


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UC Irvine and Uzima Guests

Posted on Feb 17 by

This has been an exciting week for Sagam Community Hospital (SCH). We were lucky to host Dr. Matt Dolich and Dr. Michael Lewaka from the University of California (UC) Irvine. Dr. Lewaka serves as a professor and chief of the Division of Trauma, Burns, Surgical Care and Acute Care Surgery and Dr. Dolich works alongside Dr. Lewaka as an Associate Dean of Medical Education. Our visitors experienced the bustling ketamine week training, shadowed surgeons, and assessed the possibility of creating a UC Irvine global health and surgical fellowship at SCH. As a parting gift, our guests donated a new book to the African Institute of Health Transformation library, Acute Care Surgery and Trauma; Evidence-Based Practice, edited by Dr. Dolich. SCH hopes to see them again in the foreseeable future for their medical expertise but also for their gregarious personalities.  In addition to our Californian medical doctors, SCH also welcomed guests from Uzima Medical School. Dr. Hiren Patel, a fellow from the Massachusetts General Hospital Division of Global Health and Human Rights, leads a basic teaching twice a week for...


SCH Heads to Mumias Again

Posted on Feb 14 by

  The Sagam Community Hospital (SCH) team headed out to Mumias community again for a day filled with screenings and treatments. Similarly, to the outreach conducted on January 26, 2017, the team drove nearly two hours to reach the clinic site.  The SCH team provided cervical cancer screening, HIV testing, blood pressure checks, and primary care visits. Out of the 341 total patients seen, 282 underwent blood pressure screening and 101 were referred to nearby health facilities, such as Kakamega. In addition, the family planning station saw 21 patients, immunizations were provided to 27 children under the age of 5, and 92 patients were tested for HIV. Dr. Jennifer Makin, the onsite OB/Gyn specialist and fellow of the Division of Global Health and Human Rights through Massachusetts General Hospital, broke her personal record of screening 34 women for cervical cancer in one day. One of these 34 women were referred to SCH for treatment duringKetamine Week, where minor surgeries are provided free of cost.  As the doctor strike continues, SCH continues to look for avenues to provide quality healthcare access...


SCH Outreach Team Heads to Mumias!

Posted on Jan 26 by

Another Wednesday means there was another robust outreach from SCH’s team. This time, SCH drove 2 hours to reach Mumias (almost reaching Kakamega!) in order to ensure this important outreach was carried out.   It was sad that the SCH team ran out of hours in the day as they were unable to see everyone that came to receive medical services. At last count, 152 community members were seen by the team. Out of this 125 received blood pressure screening (as supported by CHAK’s Healthy Hearts Africa Programme), 86 received treatment, 24 received cervical cancer screening using the Mobile ODT device (resulting in 8 referred for further treatment), 14 were immunized, 13 received family planning services in addition to providing M-TIBA registration and sensitization on NHIF insurance. We are thankful to our partners, CHAK, KMET and Mobile ODT as well as donations of drug supplies that we received from Kenton’s Kisumu and Winam Chemist. In light of the doctor’s strike in Kenya, it is important that we create avenues of providing accessible healthcare for our fellow wanaanchi! Great work...


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