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SCH Concludes Gynaecological Surgical Camp

Posted by on Mar 31, 2014 in Events, Partners, Recent News | 0 comments

Sagam Community Hospital concluded its two-week long gynaecological surgical camp on 28th March 2014.  The medical team involved successfully performed over 20 surgical operations. The cases ranged from the treatment of fibroids to the treatment for urinary and stool incontinence.  For those of you reading with a medical background, the cases comprised of hysterectomies, 4thdegree vaginal laceration repairs, anterior-posterior colporrhaphies, and bilateral tubal ligations.  Dr. Omoto, Medical Superintendent at Siaya District Hospital, partnered with us to repair two vesico-vaginal fistulas and provide subsequent post-operative care.  Visiting U.S.-based anaesthesiologist, Dr. Tom Mote, in addition to providing pro bono services for the camp, further assisted in several orthopaedic cases and a general surgery case to remove a breast mass. We would like to express our deep gratitude to the staff of Sagam Community Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, KMET, Kenya Red Cross, Nyanza Reproductive Health Society and Office of Siaya County Director of Health. Special thanks to Professors Thomas Burke and Khama Rogo, Dr. Svjetlana Lozo, Dr. Tom Mote and Dr. Jackton...

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Cassava Poisoning in Sagam Hospital

Posted by on Mar 29, 2014 in BENSON SEWE OTIENO, Press/Media, Recent News | 0 comments

We had an entire family present to the hospital in the early morning hours on Friday.  They had prepared cassava from a family members garden and develop abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting hours after ingestion.  Three younger children ranging from ages 2-4 died prior to reaching the hospital the same morning.  Several adults and adolescents were treated for mild GI complaints. One child aged 6 was critically ill and the Sagam clinical team tried last-ditch efforts to resuscitate and treat the child with the antidote.  The child eventually succumbed in the ICU of JOOTRH.  The MOH and regional public health officer were notified, all family members interviewed and the home visited to destroy the plants on the land.   There are two types of cassava found in the region; one which is prepared directly for cooking and a second which must be fermented before preparation into foods such as ugali.  If not prepared properly, this second type contains toxic levels and even lethal doses of cyanide.  People may use cassava as a main meal source and develop a tropical ataxic neuropathy with chronic small doses of cyanide.     Cassava as an entity of myriad syndromes (from lethal toxicity, development of fully/partially reversible ataxic neuropathy, paralytic syndrome known as konzo, development of goiters, and mild gastrointestinal syndromes).   We would like to urge people to be careful when planting cassava and ensure that it is well cooked before eating....

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Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in BENSON SEWE OTIENO, Events, Recent News | 0 comments

Marenyo Sub Location in Yala Township Location, Yala Division, Gem Sub- County in Siaya County held its Community Dialogue day at the Marenyo Community Learning and Resource Centre in Sagam Village. The dialogue was organized by the Millennium Villages Project, Ministry of Health in conjunction with the Provincial Administration. Community members were taught several subjects ranging from hygiene, family planning, immunization,delivery among others. What was most encouraging is that the sessions  were being conducted by Community Health Workers trained by Millennium and they really conducted it very well and with a lot of depth in knowledge. Sagam Community Hospital was represented with few community health worker and its Executive Officer, Benson Sewe. He also took this opportunity to sensitize the Community about the benefits of  voluntary National Hospital Insurance Fund registration since the cost of health has really risen . He also reminded the ones whom the hospital paid for last year to start making their payments from September last year. He also informed them about the ongoing surgical camp. Some of the information which came from the dialogue is below Number of Villages in Mareny0  – 18 Number of Households   – 2647 Total Population –  11437 Number of Households Treating Water  – 195 Number of individuals not using ITNs  –  336 Number of Household without hand washing facilities i.e leaky tins in use  – 2148 Number of Households without Functional Latrines – 82 Total Women (14 – 49 Years) – 937 Total  Children (0- 6 months)  – 92 Total Children under one years old  – 295 Total Children under five  years old  – 928 Total adolescent and youth  girls (13- 24 years) – 805 Total adolescent and youth boys (13 – 24 years) – 767 Total population of the elderly (60 + years) – 640 Number of Pregnant Women  (January – 44, February – 35) Number of pregnancies under 18 years ( January – 3, February- 3) Number of pregnant women referred  (January – 9, February – 10) Number of pregnant mothers not attending at least 4 antenatal clinic (ANC) visit timely   (January  – 1, February – 2) Number of deliveries by unskilled attendants  (January  – 6, February...

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Posted by on Mar 11, 2014 in BENSON SEWE OTIENO, Recent News | 0 comments

The East Africa Healthcare Federation held its 3rd annual conference organized and hosted by Kenya Healthcare Federation. Dr. Walter Obita, Sagam Hospital General Manager attended the conference themed Creating Business Opportunities in Healthcare in East Africa. The conference highlighted emerging issues in the East African private sector including healthcare financing, human resources for health, developments in ICT, public-private partnerships, supply chain management, and standards and regulations across national borders. Dr. Obita was able to interact with many healthcare stakeholders and gained valuable knowledge and contacts to be put to good use in running Sagam...

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Upcoming Event: VVF camp (March 17 – 28, 2014)

Posted by on Mar 10, 2014 in Events, Recent News | 0 comments

All the arrangements are in place for the upcoming VVF camp that will take place at Sagam Community Hospital from March 17 – 28, 2014.  The event has been publicized on both print and audio and  posters have also been distributed across the region. There has been considerable support from various quarters including from the County Director of Health Kisumu, Dr Ojwang Lusi, who has pledged his personal support and participation. Patients have also been booked and more are still on the...

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