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Mobile: 0722-510346, 0717-941612 - Location: Luanda / Siaya Road, Siaya County
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Posted by on Apr 29, 2014 in BENSON SEWE OTIENO, Partners, Recent News | 0 comments

Sagam Community Hospital was presented  in CHAK AHC /AGM from 22- 24 April 2014 in Jumuia Conference centre Limuru by Benson Sewe Otieno . The  theme was ””Universal Health Coverage; scaling up faith based health services in the devolved health system in Kenya” The conference was officially opened by CHAK Chairman Rt Rev Bishop Michael Sande and the conference objectives presented by Dr Samwel Mwenda the General Secretary who also doubles up as the CEO. Some of the topics covered were  The following presentations were done by Secretariat Staffs. CHAK intergrated Health Programes; achievements, challenges and lessons learnt, CHAK HIV&AIDS programmes ;expanding quality HIV&AIDS care & treatment services towards universal coverage, strengthening Health Systems in support of MHUs for quality health service delivery achiviements, challenges and lessons learnt, CHAK Hospital Management Software (CHMS); an innovative and intergrated solution in hospital management, The Kenya Quality Model for Health (KQMH); Building a system of continous quality improvement in CHAK member health facilities and documenatry for CHAK project of promoting the human and legal rights of PLWHA; the story of transforming lives through capacity building and legal support. Sustainable Health Care Financing strategies for Universal Health Coverage by Health Economist,  MOH Linda Jamii, New Health Insurance initiative promoting Universal Health Coverage by BRITAM Insurance Innovating to assure access to quality health services for the poor; Health Insurance Subsidy for the poor (HISP) programme by NHIF. MEDS Supply Chain; promoting access to quality and affordable Essential Drugs and other Medical Commodities in Kenya and beyond by MEDS. The contributions of Faith Based Health Facilities to Universal Health Coverage was done by Maua Methodist Hospital, Bethany Kids, Kijabe Hospital, Tenwek Hospital, PCEA Kikuyu Hospital, SDA Kendu Hospital and Lutheran Health Services. The meeting ended by AGM on 24/04/2014 where the Chairman gave his report,presentation by the Treasurer of Annual Audited Accounts for the period ended 31ST December 2013,Appointment of the Association Auditors for 2014, Presentation of Revised CHAK Strategic Plan 2011 – 2016, Elections of Vice Chairman and RCC Chairmen for Western / North Rift RegionThe brief history of CHAK Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK)was established in 1946  with the goal of promoting...

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Photo Album – Update of Construction at SCH

Posted by on Apr 23, 2014 in Events, Recent News | 0 comments

Construction of an emergency wing at Sagam Community Hospital is moving with steam. In photos captured on Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, it is clear that there is a flurry of activity as cement is prepared to to be laid on the roof of the new wing. In addition, friends of SCH can see the building’s design becoming a reality and can appreciate the internal architecture (please note that the interior photos capture the ground...

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Posted by on Apr 22, 2014 in BENSON SEWE OTIENO, Events, Partners, Press/Media, Recent News | 0 comments

Patients can as from 16/04/2014 pay their medical bills in  Sagam Community Hospital using the Safaricom pay bill service Lipa Na Mpesa (Pay Bill No is 362749). This is courtesy of partnership between AAR Insurance (under an existing arrangement with PharmAccess on the Mobile Health Wallet Project) to channel donor funds for the provision of health care services. Under this arrangement SCH agrees (subject to the terms and conditions set forth) to provide medical care and treatment as per the specified limitations set out in agreement with AAR to the beneficiaries who will elect to benefit from SCH. By entering into contract with SCH, AAR wishes to procure access to healthcare service for those participating and using the M-Health Wallet and SCH will be willing and capable of providing healthcare services and for this purpose has agreed to accept the M-Health Wallet and shall provide services within her scope, capabilities and resources to the specified...

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Posted by on Apr 17, 2014 in BENSON SEWE OTIENO, Partners, Recent News | 0 comments

On 16th July 2014, Sagam Village recieved four visitors from PharmAccess from both the Kenya and Amsterdam offices led by Onno Schellekens, who is the Managing Director. They were brought by the Executive Director of KMET, Mrs.  Monica Ogutu, where they joined Dr Solomon Orero, who is Senior Technical Advisor  RH/FP at JHPIEGO and also a Director at KMET . The visitors were hosted in  Sagam Hospital with a team led by Prof, Khama Rogo, who is the Founder of Sagam Hospital, and Benson Sewe Otieno, the Executive Officer. They were taken around Community Projects including Ahono Sinaga Community Water Project, Mindhine Youth Polytechnic, Sagam Dairy Project, Yaw Pachi Women Group, Biogas Project. The tour was guided by Mr Zachary Were, who is a senior community member and board member of various community projects and Benson Sewe. Due to time constraints they were not able to visit all the projects but the were very happy with the visit and promised to come back. The main focus of their visit was to enhance the partnership they have  had with Sagam Community Hospital which has been going on for some time through Pharm Access group of organizations such Medical Credit Fund, Safe Care, Pharm Access, Health Insurance Fund, Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development. WHAT IS PHARM ACCESS FOUNDATION? PharmAccess was intitiated  in 2000 to bring life-saving antiretroviral therapy for HIV and AIDS to Africa. Since its inception PharmAccess has been operating at the cutting edge of health sector support in Africa, pioneering innovative approaches. Initially, PharmAccess focused on the introduction of HIV/AIDS treatment in Africa. Later on, PharmAccess broadened its activities towards embedding HIV/AIDS treatment in general health care services, general health system strengthening, and the introduction of and support to health insurances schemes. Today PharmAccess is also concerned with supporting investments in the African health sector. The aim of PharmAccess is to improve access to quality basic health care, including HIV/AIDS treatment and care in sub-Saharan Africa, through building sustainable health systems. To achieve its aim PharmAccess introduces a new approach, which advocates a different organization of the healthcare delivery and contributes to the building of sustainable health...

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