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Simulation Training

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in Recent News | 0 comments

Dr. Rita Cydulka, Dr. Sarah Villegas, the nursing staff (including Mr. John Onyango), the COs (including Mr. Javan Imbamba, Mrs. Zena Anindo and Ms. Ann Sammy), and the registration people (including Ms. Dorothy Ododa) at Sagam Community Hospital are going through simulation training to practice their Emergency Medicine skills in the new Resuscitation Room of the ER.  Simulations are used to give as close to real life practice as possible where participants are tested how they would handle a situation in real life. Simulation training promotes teamwork and communication, and helps inform staff of any problems that should be addressed before they encounter the real life emergency situation. Mr. Jeffrey Edwards (Coordinator) pretends to be a patient having a heart attack and cardiac arrest, while Nursing staff and COs prepare shock patient using AED.   So far, simulation training has included a patient having an asthma attack and a patient having a heart attack with cardiac arrest. These Resuscitation Room simulations are helping the staff familiarize themselves with the new equipment including the new Medication and Equipment Carts and the new Vital Signs Monitors. Sagam is planning to continue these simulations, and go through different emergency scenarios, every Monday and Thursday morning so that they will feel comfortable handing each scenario in the future. Mrs. Zena Anindo and Ms. Ann Sammy (COs) monitor vital signs, while Mr. Javan Imbamba (CO) prepares to give...

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Dr. Rita Cydulka Gives Advice for Developing Emergency Medicine Department

Posted by on Jul 18, 2015 in Recent News, Testimonials | 0 comments

Dr. Rita Cydulka has joined us for the past few weeks, giving the ED team advice on how to develop a top notch emergency department. During her time here, she has held multiple trainings and practice scenarios for the ED staff on how to properly triage patients upon arrival, as well as on how to best provide treatment for critically sick or injured patients. Dr. Rita Cydulka also gave a testimony on what this experience meant to her, with the following quote: “It’s both educational and inspiring. It’s a real privilege to be able to contribute to the development of the Emergency Medicine and the ongoing operational organization of the new emergency department at Sagam Community Hospital. I’m inspired by the dedication of the staff here at Sagam.” In addition to teaching the doctors and nursing staff about the methods that will be used in the emergency medicine department, Dr. Rita Cydulka has been working with MGH Resident, Dr. Colleen Fant, to set up the supply carts that will be used throughout the ED and the rest of the...

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HARK Dinner

Posted by on Jul 13, 2015 in Press/Media, Recent News, Uncategorized | 0 comments

On Friday the 10th, a research dinner was held at Siaya County Club in honor of the new HARK Research Champions from Siaya Referral Hospital and Bondo District Hospital. Dr. Fred Odongo, who oversees the research at both Siaya and Bondo, Ms. Christine Atieno and Mr. Fredrick Ochieng from Bondo District Hospital, and Mr. Silah Oluoch from Bondo District Hospital were all in attendance. Mr. Kevin Otieno from Siaya Referral Hospital was not able to join that evening. In order from left to right: Dr. Sarah Villegas (MGH Fellow), Dr. Colleen Fant (Resident),  Ms. Sarah Mireles (Coordinator), Dr. Fred Odongo, Dr. Rita Cydulka (Emergency Medicine Doctor), Ms. Sharon Lickerman (Educator)   The dinner gave Sagam/MGH staff and the HARK Champions a chance to meet one another, as well as an opportunity to share any success stories and concerns the HARK Champions had about the use of Hylenex at their respective hospitals.   From left to right: Ms. Kelsey Natsuhara (Harvard Med Student), Ms. Christine Atieno, Mr. Fredrick Ochieng, Dr. Karla Fredricks (MGH Fellow), Ms. Debora Rogo , Mr. Silah Oluoch Throughout the course of the research dinner, a summary was given on the use of Hylenex thus far. Siaya has treated a total of 5 cases of severe dehydration with Hylenex and Bondo has treated a total of 13 cases, with one severely dehydrated patient needing two doses of Hylenex. Bondo’s numbers are impressive for only finishing their training two weeks ago! The dinner was a success in establishing a strong support network between Sagam/MGH Staff and the HARK research Champions at Siaya and Bondo and we look forward to the continued success of these...

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Resuscitation Room Equipment Arrives; Two Visiting Doctors Give Lectures

Posted by on Jul 12, 2015 in Recent News | 0 comments

This week, representatives from GE installed two B20 Patient Monitors in the Resuscitation Room at Sagam Hospital. The monitors offer top of the line equipment and will be used to monitor vital signs for patients while they are being treated. Additionally, the representatives from GE conducted a training for staff members at Sagam on the proper use of the new equipment. This week, Sagam also welcomed Maseno surgeon, Dr. Caesar Bitta, to give a lecture to the doctors and residents on penetrating abdominal trauma. Dr. Colleen Fant, an MGH pediatric resident, also gave a lecture on altered mental status and...

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Obstetric Fistula Assessment

Posted by on Jul 7, 2015 in Press/Media, Recent News, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Third and fourth degree obstetric tears have high rates of prevalence and mortality in the developing world. An obstetric fistula is an abnormal connection between the rectum and the vagina. Third and fourth degree tears are caused by prolonged, obstructed labor and limited access to emergency c-sections. Un-repaired tears post delivery can cause vaginal leakage, or fecal and urinary incontinence, which creates enormous levels of stress for the women suffering from the tears. Un-repaired tears can be very stigmatizing, causing women to stay home from work and families to be torn apart. According to research conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), approximately 32% of  180 women were found to have a third or fourth degree obstetric tears. Dr. Leeya Pinder of MGH and Ms. Kelsey Natsuhara, a Harvard medical student, are partnering with KMET members including Ms. Liddy Dulo (OBT Manager) and Ms. Monica Ogutto (Executive Director) to conduct a knowledge assessment on obstetric fistulas. Providers in the Siaya County area, including midwifes and birth attendants will be tested to see if they know how to recognize an obstetric tear, if they know how to treat a tear, and if they know where to refer the patient once the tear is recognized. Picture of Dr. Leeya Pinder to the right and Ms. Kelsey Natsuhara to the left The assessment Dr. Leeya Pinder and Ms. Kesley Natsuhara have created will be extremely useful for the second phase of the study. After the assessment is complete, a training module will be created for the providers to learn how to properly recognize, treat, and refer cases of third and fourth degree perineal tears to those who are trained to handle them. The training will be helpful in preventing more serious conditions from occurring, reducing the need for expensive surgeries later on due to obstetric...

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