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ESM-Ketamine Research Dinner

Posted by on Sep 25, 2015 in Events, Partners, Press/Media, Recent News | 0 comments

The Every Second Matters – Ketamine project has been running for nearly a year, with over 320 successful cases, in 5 hospital facilities in West Kenya. The primary goal of this study to train, distribute, assess, and provide support to the ESM-ketamine package and providers which allows emergency cesarean sections and other painful procedures to take place, that otherwise would not be able to be performed due to the anesthesia crisis and other financial/logistical constraints. Earlier this week, a collaborative group of ESM-Ketamine providers, champions, and researchers gathered at Oasis Hotel in Luanda. Champions from Siaya, Nightingale, Maseno, and Sagam were in attendance, and Dr. Okelo (Chief of Anesthesia from Maseno University) was also present. The first item on the agenda was to refresh the Champions and providers on the ESM-Ketamine protocol, as some necessary amendments have taken place. This was to ensure our ketamine protocol is being maximally effective and to ensure that all our patients have gone through the necessary steps to obtain first-line anesthetic services. Secondly, the qualitative research study was introduced. We introduced Taylor Kandler: a researcher and project coordinator from MGH. She has been in Sagam for almost a month preparing for the next stage of research which is an additive component to the present ESM-Ketamine research. Taylor, along with Clinical Officers (CO) from Sagam Community Hospital, will take on key-informant interviews during the next few months. This new research will gather opinions and perceptions of hospital administrators, anesthetists, providers, and proceduralists on the impact of the ESM-Ketamine protocol. We will be obtaining valuable insight into the economics, user/consumer satisfaction, challenges for expansion, amongst other variables. We believe that by adding a qualitative aspect to the Ketamine project we will get useful, effective first-hand anecdotes on how this innovation is working and how we can improve to help more patients in need of cesarean sections and other painful...

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Prevention of Mother Child Transmission Award

Posted by on Sep 23, 2015 in Recent News | 0 comments

September 23, Sagam staff and volunteers were awarded for their Prevention of Mother Child Transmission services by the Ministry of Health. They were voted number 1 in all of Siaya County. 100% of children born from RVD positive mothers were found to be RVD negative thanks to the careful follow up done by Sagam community workers and volunteers .   Mr. Geoffrey Limbe (HTC Councilor), Ms. Varsity Achieng (Nurse), Ms. Perita Meta (PE), Ms. Evelyn Moraa (CO), Ms. Elizabeth Ogada (Head Nurse), Ms. Eunice Awino (CHV) [right-left] We are very proud of all Sagam Hospital has accomplished and hope to continue serving the community by preventing mother child transmission. Certificate awarded to Sagam for PMTCT Services from the Ministry of...

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Blood Donation

Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in Events, Press/Media, Recent News | 0 comments

Here at Sagam, we have first hand experience with the challenges that come along with the deficits in blood supplies in Kenya. On Monday, September 14 2015, SCH staff members did their part to help mitigate the blood shortage in our community.  The idea of donating blood began in the morning, and by the afternoon Kenya National Blood Transfusion Services (KNBTS) had arrived in Sagam and collected more then 20 pints, or 9 litres, of blood. This impromptu blood donation came together quickly, but despite short notice we had over 20 staff members signed up to donate 450mL of blood. This certainly speaks to the determination and willingness of the SCH to help our community, our country.   Blood was collected by the Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service (KNBTS), where it is taken for processing and distribution to hospitals, like our own in Sagam. The availability of KNBTS satellite centers made donating simple, convenient, and effortless: they came right to SCH. KNBTS provided all donating materials and even refreshments for those who donated! Our blood, after processing, is donated to those who are anemic, people undergoing surgical operations, patients with cancer and leukaemia, accident victims, and women who have complications during pregnancy ( All of these cases and situations are commonly seen at SCH. Because of this, we are aware that having blood available directly saves lives. Thus, we aim to hold blood donating events more frequently in the future so we can do our part in mitigating the blood shortage in Kenya and to ensure that all Kenyans in need have access to necessary health services.   You can visit for more information regarding blood donation!...

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Sagam Recognized for Reproductive Health Services

Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in Recent News | 0 comments

As a member of Huduma Poa Health Network, Sagam Community Hospital has been awarded for their Reproductive Health Services by the Ministry of Health. Sagam has been ranked number 23 in the Country and 3rd in Siaya County for their Reproductive Health Services. These services include, but are not limited to, family planning, cervical cancer screenings, HIV counseling and testing, and child health services. Dr. Stella Odenyo (CO), Mr. Thomas Oyiegno (YPP), Ms. Bertha Auma Odhiambo (Leaad CHW), Ms. Gladys Atieno Odhiambo (CHW), Ms. Alice Okelo Ochieng (CHW), Dr. Leeya Pinder (MGH Fellow), Mr. Syprose Adhiambo Obiero (CHW), Mary Ponge Kirawa (CHW), Margaret Anyango (CHW), Ms. Susan Atieno Obul (CHW), Ms. Beatrice Auma Oliech (CHW), Mr. Javan Ogoch Jagongo (YPP), Ms. Elizabeth Ogada (Nursing Director), Mr. Varsity Achieng (Nurse). [left-right]   Ms. Elizabeth Auma Ogada (Nursing Director) and Ms. Varsity Achieng (Nurse) holding their award from the Ministry of Health. Sagam is very proud of their achievements thus far and is grateful to their staff for all of their countless hours of hard work. Sagam is also grateful of the support they receive from the community, as the hospital continues to improve their services and broaden their reach. This achievement is yet another step in the process of building a support network where the whole community can receive affordable, quality care that will dramatically increase people’s quality of life. Certificate of Achievement in Reproductive Health Services from...

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Cervical Cancer Screenings and Family Planning at Sagam

Posted by on Sep 9, 2015 in Press/Media, Recent News | 0 comments

On September 8th, Sagam Community Hospital hosted Cervical Cancer Screenings and Family Planning Services for the community. As part of Sagam’s community in-reach, women and their families were able to get tested for cervical cancer, receive ultrasounds, get immunizations, and learn about contraceptives, free of charge, from Sagam staff including Ms. Stella Odenyo (CO) and Dr. Leeya Pinder (MGH OB/GYN Fellow). Sagam also offered Cryotherapy and LEEP procedures for those who otherwise would not be able to afford such procedures.    Mr. Meshak Owor (left) and Ms. Betha Awuor (right, reception) and greet patients at the entrance of the Out Patient Department (OPD).   Sagam does outreach two times per month to provide necessary services by going out into the community, and does one in-reach per month, where community members come in to the hospital to receive essential services. The Cervical Cancer Screenings and Family Planning  Services were part of this month’s in-reach and will happen again next month. The goal of Sagam’s outreach/in-reach is to provide quality treatment and preventative care to anyone in need, and to distribute services in such a way that is affordable and in the best interest of mothers and their families.    Ms. Jerida Pauline (left, reception) and Ms. Perita Oniang’o (right, reception) keep records of patients coming in for services....

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