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SCH Outreach in Asembo

Posted by on Dec 15, 2016 in Events, Partners, Recent News, Testimonials | 0 comments

This week, SCH was proud to roll-out the last outreach activity of 2016 in Asembo. Thanks to an invitation from the T. Kesia Nyawara Foundation (TKN Foundation), the SCH was excited to return, especially since it was the first time that we were using our new health wagon that we received from Jhpiego Kenya Office. We are very grateful for the wagon, because it is a big step in taking the outreaches to a more professional level. The wagon is a very nice and comfortable place for women to undergo the cervical cancer screening. Also, the wagon has an extensible shed at the outside, to create a shadow place for another station. Here, we did the HIV testing. In this way we were able to place the two stations that need the most privacy in a very safe and private environment. Another exciting thing this week was that we provided a new service: ophthalmology and eye services. People could test their vision and if needed, they got a referral to SCH for further consultation. We were also joined by the team from Carepay as they came to support us in registering community members in M-TIBA! The community was very hospitable, and at the end of the day they invited us for dinner at one of their houses. This was a very nice ending of our busy, but satisfying day! We are grateful for the continued strengthening of our relationship with the TKN Foundation and this outreach adds on to other successful joint ventures including an eye camp in 2015 and donations of eye glasses to SCH. In addition, many thanks to the SCH outreach team for their hard work including our clinicians, nurses, community health workers, counselors, volunteers and...

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November ESM-Ketamine Week at Sagam Community Hospital

Posted by on Dec 1, 2016 in Recent News | 0 comments

Sagam Community Hospital is happy to announce another successful ketamine training week. During the week of November 14-18th we welcomed four providers from Wajir County- representing Bute D. Hospital and Habaswein Hospital, as well as two providers from SCH. Our providers from Wajir county will be the first ketamine providers in the county, and each reported being very satisfied with the hands-on nature of the training, as well as the warm welcome they received from Sagam residents and providers.   Seeing the attention and enthusiasm these providers came with to training week with was truly a representation of the importance of the innovation that is ESM-Ketamine. There was a genuine desire to implement ESM-Ketamine within their respective facilities. Cheers to the beauty of innovation and collaboration in...

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