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March Ketamine Week

Posted by on Mar 29, 2017 in Recent News | 0 comments

Last week, we finished our third ketamine week of the year. Here at Sagam Community Hopsital, we welcomed 5 new clinicians to training. Our trainees came from Banisa Sub County Hospital, Wajir County Referral Hospital, Lafey Sub County Hospital, and Sagam Community Hospital. Wajir, Lafey, and Banisa Sub County Hospitals see a large percentage of refugees and have low rates of available anaesthetists.  During orientation, the participating clinicians expressed a desire to help the quality and access of care, and maternal and child health by implementing ketamine as an anaesthesia. After over a dozen exciting ketamine cases, the clinicians left Sagam ready to improve the access of care to many future patients! We had a lovely time with our new trainees and hope to hear from them soon! Ketamine Week would not be possible without the help of the Massachusetts General Hospital fellows in the Division of Global Health and Human Rights, the administration team at Sagam, and the ketamine trainers. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. We look forward to April’s Ketamine Week!      ...

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Mumias Community Outreach

Posted by on Mar 24, 2017 in Recent News | 0 comments

The Sagam community health workers headed out to Mumias today. Mumias is typically our busiest county and we screened hundreds of locals today!  The HIV screening, consultation, and medications were provided inside a local church, while cervical cancer screening operated in a private building next door. One of our star nurses, Varsity, led the cervical cancer screening while Juliet and Floride asked the patients questions regarding their reproductive health and well being. A total of 42 women were screened for cervical cancer, 230 had their blood pressure tested, and 9 family planning consulatations. A comical twist occurred today when some of the children waiting to be seen tried to express their artistic ability on our ambulance and AIHT vehicle. The vehicles served as their blackboard while their writing utensils were substituted by rocks. Although they are not as artistically inclined as Picasso or Van Gogh, the Sagam team had a great laugh as we admired their work. As always, we would like to thank our partners and sponsors. Without their help, our weekly ventures would not be...

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Luri Community Outreach

Posted by on Mar 20, 2017 in Recent News | 0 comments

Sagam’s team headed to Luri Primary and Secondary School and its surrounding community for the outreach. This week had a little twist where not only health screenings were conducted. Dr. Jennifer Makin and Javan Ogoch engaged in health talks and preventative care with the children from the school.  Many of the children were curious as to how and why Dr. Makin became a doctor, specializing in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Delightfully, Dr. Makin answered the questions of their curious minds. Among the crowd of students, some aspire to become a medical doctor and follow in the steps of Dr. Makin and other providers from Sagam. In addition, Mr. Ogoch spoke about the importance of sexual health and hygiene. This was a fun day for Luri Primary and Secondary School as well as for the Sagam outreach team. In total, 118 people were screened for blood pressure, 65 were tested for HIV, 15 family planning consultations, and 18 cervical cancer screenings in the community. As always, we want to warmly thank our partners for their contribution this week including KMET and...

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The Kenya Red Cross Services Visit Sagam

Posted by on Mar 15, 2017 in Events, Partners, Recent News | 0 comments

On March 3, 2017, Sagam Community Hospital (SCH) welcomed the Kenya Red Cross Services (KRCS) to discuss possible areas of collaboration in regard to enhancing quality of services for our community and towards the hospital’s goal of becoming an established trauma centre. KRCS was represented by Mr. Kennedy Omenjo (Vice-Chairman), Ms. Verah Nyamwa (Programme Officer), Mr. Maurice Anyango (DMO-WK) and Mr. James Akello (Deputy Regional Manager). The key areas of discussion focused on possible collaboration in service delivery (including coordination of ambulance services, emergency response and quality improvement), training of SCH staff, research and funding of emergency and trauma services in Siaya County and beyond. In addition, discussions were held on support in future SCH blood drives, capacity building of Maseno University’s Family and Emergency Medicine Residents and partnership in improving response for gender based violence.   As part of their visit, the KRCS team took a tour of the hospital to learn more about the various services offered including its 14-bed Emergency Department. We wish to thank the KRCS for their visit and look forward to a strengthened...

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SCH Staff Attend ACLS Training

Posted by on Mar 14, 2017 in Events, Partners, Recent News | 0 comments

Last week, our clinicians Javan Imbamba and Jaqtone Jumah took off to Nairobi to participate in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) training. Throughout their multiple day journey, various topics were covered such as rhythm recognition, bradycardia, stable tachycardia, and pulseless electrical activity and asystole. As quoted by Juma “the new knowledge and skills we acquired during the ACLS training will be of great help in saving lives and we promise to share the same with the [Sagam] team.” Javan Imbamba shared his in depth experience with us here:  “I had the wonderful opportunity to train in Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). It’s a comprehensive training that is in depth. We were able to take part in the training thanks to a generous donation from the Ujenzi Charitable Trust. The train was hosted by Amref International Kenya in Nairobi. I would like to thank, Festus, the coordinator of the ACLS training for allowing us to take part in the training. We were able to interact with the other participants during the program, and we noticed that 80% of the class participants came from rural settings and 20% from Nairobi. This highlights how important the training is and the significance of spreading these skills to rural settings.   The training included Basic Life Support (BLS) training, then transitioned into ACLS training where we practiced different scenarios and theory deductive in the morning. In the afternoon we learned hands on practical experience with mannequins that presented real life scenarios. We have the mannequins at SCH and it was great experience learning how to use them for training.  We hope to use them for our trainings here at Sagam. We were also introduced to Air Medics and the work that they do regarding patient care. We had the privilege of taking a tour of the aircraft used to transport patients as well.   I can proudly say that Jumah and I passed the exam. We are very excited for the future prospect of working with Amref International Kenya to host an ACLS training for the Lake Region to expand the training to the western region of Kenya. It was a privilege and honor to take part...

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