Our Mission

To provide affordable, quality, accessible, and comprehensive health care and services to rural communities in Kenya and beyond regardless of colour age sex and tribe.

Our Vision

Sagam Community Hospital envisions a society that enjoys affordable access to quality health services.

Our Values

Checkbox  Quality: We continually strive to maintain the highest quality of care pertaining to our operational environment and based on the needs of our patients and clients.

Checkbox  Affordability: When pricing our services, we are sensitive to and take cognizance the socio-economic circumstances of our patients and clients.

Checkbox  Respect for human life: We take respecting and saving of human lives as our primary responsibility.

Checkbox  Responsiveness: We strive to be as proactive as possible in responding to the needs of our patients and clients.

Checkbox  Accountability: Our approach is to be accountable in our management practices as much as to patients and clients through systems that capture all areas of  institutional and social accountability.