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April Outreach Recap

Posted by on May 2, 2018 in Recent News | 0 comments

The month of April was a very successful one for Sagam Community Hospital’s weekly community outreaches. Despite the heavy rainy season, our community health workers and clinicians remained dedicated to providing services to surrounding villages. Here are some highlights of the recent outreaches! One of our community health workers (CHWs) meets with a patient at an outreach in Sawagongo. The CHWs received over 120 patients at this particular outreach Our outreaches often include services for children, including immunizations and vitamin A distribution. Our vitamin A distribution is an important part of our outreaches, as many children remain vitamin A deficient. Providing vitamin A can reduce the risk of various illnesses later in life, including anemia, blindness, and diarrheal diseases. Our outreaches this month have been able to provide over 150 children with Vitamin A. We would also like to acknowledge the incredible strides made this month in offering women’s health services. Our outreach team was able to provide family planning services and cervical cancer screenings, resulting in many referrals to our gynecologist at Sagam Community Hospital Our community outreaches continue to be successful because of our dedicated sponsors, including the Rotary club of Sagam, Jhpiego, Mobile ODT, Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KMET), Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK), Astrazeneca, and Essilor. And of course, none of this could be possible without our passionate clinicians and community health workers. We look forward to more accomplishments in...

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Introducing Early Childhood Development to Sagam Community Hospital

Posted by on Mar 27, 2018 in Recent News | 0 comments

This past week Sagam Community Hospital welcomed a team from the Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KMET) to present at our clinical CME. KMET, in partnership with PATH, is beginning a new initiative called Changamsha Watoto, focusing on improving Early Childhood Development (ECD) in Siaya county. The objective of Changamsha Watoto is designed to integrate responsive care and stimulation approaches for children 0 – 3 years in the private health sector in Siaya County. We are excited to be involved this new project! The presentation included different interventions that could be considered in Siaya country, some of which could be implemented here in Sagam. Making Health Facilities more Child-Friendly One unfortunate fact mentioned in the presentation was that only 61% of children under the age of five in Siaya county have access to two or more play items, which have been proven to be an important tool in stimulating children. We want to make the paediatric areas of our hospital more welcoming and stimulating for our patients. Creating a more stimulating and fun environment does not have to be costly. Our general manager worked with the KMET team to create a set of play items made from recycled household items. Evaluation In addition to making the healthcare environment more stimulating for a child, there are also many ways that our clinicians and nurses can be involved in improving ECD in Siaya. Our paediatrician, clinical officers, and nurses can counsel on age-appropriate stimulation and evaluate developmental milestones, caregiver mental state, and caregiving practices.   We plan on having our community health workers participate in the 5-day training on ECD evaluation as part of our community intervention, which will provide an integral addition of expertise to our already strong paediatric and MCH outpatient clinics. We look forward to working closely with KMET on this project and improving the early childhood development of our children in Siaya county! Sagam Community Hospital’s paediatric clinic is held every Wednesday from 8:30 – 4:00 pm and our maternal and child health clinic are held every Friday from 8:30 – 4:00 pm.For more information, please contact our customer care department at 0722-510346 or For more...

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Maternal Health Series – Nutrition

Posted by on Feb 23, 2018 in Recent News | 0 comments

Sagam Community Hospital is excited to announce that we will be starting a blog mini-series on maternal health, in partnership with AIHT and our current Ob-Gyn consultant, Dr. Jennifer Makin. We will be doing a series of educational posts to help ensure that the Sagam community can take all the necessary steps towards a positive pregnancy. This week, we are discussing Nutritional Interventions. Nutritional interventions cover dietary recommendations, lifestyle choices, and necessary supplements. For dietary interventions, the WHO recommends all mothers-to-be receive counseling on their diet as soon as they find out they are pregnant. It is important to discuss your diet with your clinician so they can get a good understanding of the nutrients you and your baby are getting. Maternal weight should be monitored throughout pregnancy. If you are within a normal weight range, Kenya Guidelines recommends gaining 12-15 kg in pregnancy. If you are underweight then an increased weight to 18 kg is recommended, and if you are overweight 7 kg is recommended.  Our clinicians at our OB clinic, held every Tuesday, are a great resource for learning more about what nutrients you and your baby need in order to keep you both as healthy as possible. Sometimes, based on your current diet, your clinician may suggest that you increase your protein or energy intake. Increases of these in your diet can benefit your baby in preventing a low birth weight and even the risk of stillborn death. Your clinician can provide you with suggestions of high-protein foods to add to your diet and can work with your available resources to make sure you and your baby have access to the correct nutrients. Recommended List of Locally available snacks (300 kCal) for Pregnant Women Snacks Fruit Chapati with oil (1) Orange (1 medium size) Mandazi (2) Guava (2 medium sizes) Sweet potato (1) Mango (1 small) Scone/bun (2) Papayas (⅕ medium size) Ugali (1 cup) Banana (3 small) Potatoes (3 pieces) Watermelon 2 small slices Porridge thick (2 cups) Berries 1 cup Arrow Root (2) medium size   Roasted Groundnuts 1 packet Roasted simsim Milk Fresh/Fermented Dietary recommendations are often based on how active your lifestyle...

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SCH Outreaches are back in action!

Posted by on Jan 27, 2018 in Events, Partners, Recent News | 0 comments

Sagam Community Hospital was excited to complete the first community outreach of 2018! Last Wednesday, 17th of January,  staff members, clinicians, and volunteers of SCH had the opportunity to visit the community of Mguge and provide health services. This is our first community outreach working in affiliation with the Sagam chapter of Rotary Club International. We look forward to working closely with them and our other sponsor organizations, including Jhpiego, Mobile ODT, Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KMET), Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK), Astrazeneca, and Essilor. Members of the Mguge had the chance to utilize many of our free services, including family planning, cervical cancer screenings (using our MobileODT device), eye exams, and blood pressure screenings. Sixty patients total were treated during this community outreach, with 35 being seen directly by our clinician on site, Javan. For services, there were 48 blood pressure screens, with 20 referrals following, 8 family planning consultations, 9 distributions of Vitamin A, 3 distributions of ORS, 10 cervical cancer screenings, and 34 HIV screenings. In addition, our Community Health Workers, who serve as Essilor Vision Ambassadors, had eye glasses on sale for KES 650.   Thank you to our Sagam Community Hospital team, Rotary Club of Sagam (including Sammy for providing drinks to the SCH team), our partners , and the people of Mguge for having us! If you wish to participate or collaborate with us on future outreaches, please contact SCH at 0718646933 or

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Farewell to Fellows

Posted by on Jan 9, 2018 in Recent News | 0 comments

This past Friday, we said goodbye to two of our consultants, Dr. Revathi Ravi and Dr. Oluwakemi Adegoke. Both are Global Health Innovation and Leadership fellows within Massachusetts General Hospital’s Division of Global Health and Human Rights. Additionally, both are currently MPH candidates at the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health. We were so fortunate to have them work alongside our Sagam staff for the past two years, and they have both accomplished a tremendous amount throughout their time here. Dr. Oluwakemi Adegoke (“Dr. Kemi”) is an attending in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Providence St. Peter’s Hospital in Olympia, Washington. Here at Sagam Community Hospital, she served as our Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist. Dr. Kemi brought her passion for educating patients on reproductive health and family planning to improve the lives of those here in western Kenya. She ran our weekly OB-GYN outpatient clinic and served as a clinician at Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KMET), a non-governmental organization closely affiliated with Sagam Community Hospital.   In addition to her impressive clinical work here at Sagam, Dr. Kemi also focused on research in Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH), and specifically the use of the Uterine Balloon Tamponade (UBT). Her commitment to serving patients in low-resource areas resulted in the improvement of the UBT program. Additionally, she is working on determining the facilitators and barriers that are involved in the larger uptake of the UBT device in other countries such as Tanzania. As a consultant, Dr. Kemi proved to be an excellent instructor for our staff, especially our interns and residents. We are a stronger team because of Dr. Kemi’s knowledge and commitment to improving Sagam Community Hospital. Now that she has completed her time as a consultant with us, Dr. Kemi will be heading to Boston, Massachusetts, to continue to pursue her MPH in Quantitative Methods at Harvard University. Our other departing consultant, Dr. Revathi Ravi, served as our medicine and pediatrics specialist at SCH. Dr. Ravi is passionate about strengthening global health systems, and that was clearly represented in her commitment to teaching our Clinical Officers, Interns, Residents, and Nurses. Dr. Ravi focused on improving our neonatal care by...

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