SCH Reproductive Health Talks Are Going Strong!

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Thomas, a Youth Peer Educator at SCH, leads the group.

SCH’s recently launched Reproductive Health Talks (RHTs) for Girls continues to go strong and attract a high number of attendees.

Hon. Christine Ombaka during her speech

Caroline Nendez, from KMET, then followed with another excellent presentation on family planning options

Please check out key milestones:

  1. SCH has held seven (7) RHTs with young girls;
  2. Launched a football team for the girls;
  3. Hosted Siaya County’s Women’s Representative, Hon. Christine Ombaka and Member of County Assembly (MCA) for East Gem, Hon. Samuel Otieno Siguru;
  4. We have distributed three hundred and thirty two (332) bags of sanitary pads donated by the Kisumu business community; and
  5. Collaborated with various partners including the Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KMET) and the Rotary Club of Sagam.

Cecilia, SCH nurse in charge of the Maternal and Child Clinic, lead a presentation on use of sanitary pads

Our girls enjoying some refreshments.

We look forward to more exciting times and opportunities for our young girls. Much appreciation to our SCH team for their efforts in getting this initiative going.

SCH Outreach Team Heads to Kambare Village

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The fruits born from the 1st Annual Siaya Scientific Conference are now in bounty! During the conference, the SCH/AIHT team had requested delegates and attendees to get in touch with them to plan for future outreaches around Siaya. Ms. Rose Juma, the Field Coordinator for IMPACT in Alego-Usengo and Gem Sub-counties, was one of the first to take advantage. She reached out to our team to come to Kambare Village and hold an outreach there. To support our team, she lead the mobilization of residents and coordination on the ground. In particular, she was anxious to bring cervical cancer screening for the women there.

Our land cruiser successfully guided our Jphiego health wagon (gari la afya) safely to Kambore.

Our team set off from Sagam and arrived in the early morning. Support by our Jhpiego medical wagon, our team made the exciting journey to Kambare.

As part of Rose’s efforts, we were able to see 130 people, all of whom were screened for their blood pressure, with 33 referrals made to SCH for further check ups in our non-communicable disease (NCD) clinic. We provide HIV testing and counseling to 48, 12 received family planning services, 26 women were screened for cervical cancer with 3 being referred to SCH’s ob/gyn clinic for further follow up. Others were also able to be seen by our clinician while 4 registered for M-TIBA, the mobile health pocket used by many to pay for health services.

SCH outreach team began to see patients early in the morning.

We are grateful to Rose for the support and we look forward to more fruits and collaborations with other partners within Siaya County!

Stay tuned for news from an upcoming outreach/football match this Saturday in Sagam and a joint outreach planned in collaboration with Siaya County and Jhpiego in Ambira in late November.

SCH Launches Girls Football Team

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Our girls in action.

SCH is proud to launch our girls’ football team (SCH Girls FC). We held our first match last month and will provide an a schedule of upcoming matches so all supporters can attend. This was launched as a branch of our recently launched reproductive health talks for young girls in our community. Go, girls… we are proud of you! And may you score us many goals.

Our girls enjoying the beautiful game.

Many thanks to SCH staff, Javan Ogoch, Thomas Oyiengo, Geoffrey Limbe, Tonny Omondi and Jane Oloo, for their coordination of our talks and launch of the girls’ football team.

The Importance of Cervical Cancer Screening

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In Kenya, cervical and breast cancers are leading cancers in women. Overall, cervical cancer is the 3rd leading cause of death in Kenya after infectious and cardiovascular diseases. According to the Ministry of Health, at least 8 Kenyan women die daily from cervical cancer. In addition, the National Cancer Institute notes that only 14 percent of all Kenyan women have been screened.

All women aged 15-65 are encouraged to get cervical cancer screening via visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) every year. Patients affected by HIV disease are especially high risk for the disease and are encouraged to get VIA every 6 months.



At SCH, we offer free cervical cancer screening on a daily basis, in all our weekly outreaches and as part of our weekly ob/gyn clinic (held every Tuesday from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm)

To assist our cervical cancer screening capabilities, we have teamed up with MobileODT and are using their innovative screening device that allows for quick diagnosis and consultation with senior ob/gyn consultants. The camera, which is connected to a smart phone, allows the health provider to capture a photo, take client details and share the photo in real-time with an approved ob/gyn consultant. This is all supported with an online platform that has been set up specifically for SCH.

Ms. Rose Ndinda from Mobile ODT demonstrates how their innovative device is used for SCH clinical staff.

Besides screening, we offer treatment options for pre-cancerous lesions using cryotherapy and loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP). Cervical cancer is the only preventable gynaecological cancer and all women are encouraged to get appropriate screening.



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Members of Marenyo Football Club

It is more than the beautiful game (football). It is about our community and how we can support each other. Much gratitude and appreciation to our ‘rivals’, Marenyo Football Club (FC), who took time to conduct a free clean up in our compound at the hospital. 

Marenyo FC members conduct clean up at Sagam Community Hospital

Many thanks to the Marenyo FC officials, Edward Achola (Chairman), Lucas Omollo (Team Manager), Noah Otenda (Assistant Team Manager), Allan Pudo (C0ach), George Obare (Assistant Coach) and Michael Otieno (Secretary), for helping to lead their players. Also many thanks to our Sagam Community Hospital (SCH) FC officials in Javan Ogoch and David Masiime (Nyayo) for the coordination.

Marenyo FC members conduct clean up at Sagam Community Hospital

Tuko pamoja (we are together).

Marenyo FC members conduct clean up at Sagam Community Hospital

RECAP: AIHT at the 1st Annual Siaya Scientific Conference.

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1st Annual Siaya County Scientific Conference

The African Institute for Health Transformation (AIHT) at Sagam Community Hospital (SCH) was a significant participant when Siaya County held its first Health Scientific Conference from 18th to 20th of September, 2018 at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST) in Bondo. This was also the very first such conference by any County since the devolved system of governance was established in Kenya.

The well attended conference was officially opened by His Excellency (H.E.) Governor Mohamed Kuti of Isiolo County, the Current Chair of the Council of Governors Health Caucus. The opening ceremony was also graced by Siaya County’s Deputy Governor, Dr. James Okumbe, Siaya County’s Minister for Health, Dorothy Owino, the Siaya County Chief Officer for Health, Dr Omondi Owino, Siaya County’s Director for Health, Dr. Kennedy Oruenjo, Senior Health Sector Directors, JOOUST administration, Development Partners and Heads of NGOs active in the County. SCH’s founder, Prof. Khama Rogo, also provided a guest address during the opening ceremony. Prof. Pankaj Jani, President of the College of Surgeons in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA), gave a guest address on the prospects for decentralized Collegiate training of Surgeons in the Counties.

Prof. Pankaj Jani discusses COSECSA

Prof. Jani.

AIHT was active and visible: Prof Khama Rogo gave the key note address reminding the County of its historically large skilled human resource base in the health sector and its inverse proportion to the poor heath indices. He urged the County leadership to adopt innovative ways of involving this group, as they had a lot to contribute and were willing and ready to do so at no cost.

Prof. Khama Rogo addresses the audience

Prof. Rogo

AIHT also presented six scientific papers and sponsored a well attended 2 hour plenary symposium on its research and innovation, ably facilitated by Debora Rogo, Sagam Hospital Manager and AIHT Board Member. The symposium was a collaboration of its founding organizations (SCH, the Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KMET) and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)) and various other partners such as Medtronic Labs and Pharmaccess Foundation. The papers presented at the symposium included the following:

  1. Ketamine anesthesia package to support OB-GYN operative procedures when no anesthetist is available (presented by Dr. Mary Anne Nyamogo of SCH);
  2. Scaling and Sustaining Maternal Health Innovations: A Systems Analysis of The Uterine Balloon Tamponade (UBT) program in Kenya (presented by Brenda Ochieng’ of KMET);
  3. Diagnoses from an Emergency Care Center in Rural Kenya (presented by Dr. Richard Luate of SCH);
  4. Feasibility of a Rapid Response Team in a Resourced-Limited Setting in Rural Kenya (presented by Dr. Charles Ochola of SCH);
  5. Using Innovative Mobile-Based Technology to Bridge the Gaps in Chronic Disease Management (presented by Washington Dinga of Medtronic Labs); and
  6. Feasibility of an Online Interactive Platform for Continuous Professional Development for Healthcare Providers in Kenya and beyond (presented by Debora Rogo of SCH).

Dr. Nyamogo leads the presentation focusing on ESM-Ketamine.

Debora Rogo chairs AIHT symposium.

In addition, AIHT also presented 3 other abstracts in other sessions during the conference. These included the following:

  1. Behavioral and contextual barriers to optimal UBT use among skilled birth attendants in Kenya (presented by KMET);
  2. The Innovative Health Exchange Platform M-TIBA can help leapfrog access to better care on Western Kenya (presented by Millicent Olulo of Pharmaccess Foundation); and
  3. Assessing Wearables for Monitoring of Pregnant Patients with Hypertension in Siaya County (presented by Molly Guy of Medtronic Labs).

The KMET team welcome a guest to their kiosk

The highlight of AIHT participation was the display kiosk, shared between SCH and KMET. KMET displayed their highly acclaimed ESM – Uterine Balloon Tamponade (ESM-UBT) for management of Post partum hemorrhage. Sagam Hospital displayed the ESM=Ketamine innovation for use where there is no anesthetist. This technology is already in use in ten Counties, following provider trainings at Sagam and full endorsed by KOGS. The Province of Saskatchewan in Canada has also recognized the technology and has sent two clinical groups for training in at Sagam. Another innovation on display was ESM- NRB, a simple technology for newborn resuscitation, and the Empower Health app by Medtronic Labs that is being implemented at SCH towards management of hypertension. Medtronic Labs also included information on the new Maisha Mapya pilot program, which they are implementing with SCH to assess whether technology can be used to monitor blood pressure in hypertensive pregnant women. The displays kiosk was always inundated by curious health workers and managers, anxious to learn more about the new technologies and their applications.

AIHT Display Kiosk

AIHT Display Kiosk

SCH’s Javan Imbamba discusses AIHT innovations with a visitor to the display kiosk

Another popular attraction was information on the weekly free outreach services that Sagam Hospital runs on request from local community groups. Tens of participants were anxious to make use of this facility and were advised on how to apply.

Additionally, Prof. Jani and Jaymie Henry joined Prof Rogo in a meeting with Health CEC to discuss surgical training in the County. They agreed to sign an MOU to support training of Surgeons and Gynecologists using the joint resources of Sagam Hospital and the Siaya County Referral Hospital Hospital. The parties will raise additional resources to invest in this endeavor.

The three days of the conference felt like a whole month due to the heavy workload. AIHT flag flew high and attracted many new fans and admirers.

All this could not have happened without the hard and untiring efforts of the Sagam and MGH team. Many thanks to Benson Sewe, Javan Imbamba, Dr. Richard Luate, Dr. Charles Ochola, Dr. Khama Rogo, Dr. Mary Anne Nyamogo, Juddy Odhiambo, Fredrick Owino, Sebastian Suarez, Brenda Ochieng’, Molly Guy, Washington Dinga, Eric Angula, Chemuttaai Lang’at, Millicent Olulo, Leslie Ojeaburu and Sebastian Karlson. We also with to thank the Medronic Labs team and Pharmaccess Foundation, who were part of the AIHT team. AIHT owes them sincere gratitude. Special thanks also go the County health leadership, the conference organizers, Prof Jani and Jaymie Henry for making time to participate.

We all look forward to next year’s conference- better and bigger. AIHT will be there!

AIHT Sagam and McMaster University Launch Online CPD Platform for Kenyan Doctors

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AIHT and KMPDB banners stand proudly before the start of the launch.

On any graduation day, graduates are made to believe that all of them have the same level of knowledge and skills. Soon after, however there is a rapid divergence and you may be lagging far behind your graduating class, even your best friend.

Dr. Walter Obita and Mr. Isaiah Opondo prepare for the launch.

Dr. George Rae (Kenya Association of Private Hospitals and Kenya Medical Association) speaks with Dr. Andrew Were (Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board)

CPD is important because it ensures you are competent in your profession. It is a continuous process, throughout your professional carrier.  The ultimate outcome of a well-executed and effective CPD is to safeguard the PUBLIC, the EMPLOYER, the PROFFESSION, the PROFESSIONAL and his carrier.

“We are planning to expand this platform to other carders – Dr. Khama Rogo (founder of Sagam Community Hospital and the co-founder of the African Institute for Health Transformation)

Dr. Daniel Yumbya (CEO of the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board) and Dr. Jackie Kitilu (Chair of the Kenya Medical Association)

CPD can be mandated by law or regulation but, at the core, it is a personal responsibility of every professional to maintain optimum levels of current knowledge and skills that enable them to deliver the highest quality of services, that safeguards the public and meets the expectations of clients and requirements of the profession.

“This is transformational – Dr. Kitilu noted in her remarks.

CPD should be engaging and fun to do. CPD must be relevant.

“We are committed to enhancing CPD for all doctors” – Dr. Daniel Yumbya (CEO of the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board)

That is why the African Institute for Health Transformation at SCH (AIHTSagam), in collaboration with Machealth, the Division of E-Learning Innovation at McMaster University and Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (KMPDB) launched its online CPD platform for Kenyan doctors on Friday, September 21, 2018, at the KMPDB Centre, Nairobi. The grand occasion was video-linked live with McMaster University, Hamilton Canada, with Prof. Anthony Levinson and Rosa Kovalski in Ottawa. There was a full house in Nairobi, led by the CEO of KMPDB, Dr. Daniel Yumbya and Chair of the Kenya Medical Association, Dr Jackie Kitulu. All the ten national health regulatory councils and associations were present as we plan on expanding the online CPD platform to other cadres of healthcare workers such as laboratory technicians, nutritionists and clinical officers. Prof. John Adwok, Chair of the South Sudan Medical Council urged AIHT to extend the online CPD service to SS health professionals immediately after the launch.

Mr. Stephen Muthama (Secretary General of the Kenya Clinical Officers Association)

Dr. Anthony Levinson and Ms. Rosa Kovalski was able to join the team via live conferencing.

“The online platforms help enhance learning and change behavior of the user” – Dr. Anythony Levinson (Director, Division of e-Learning Innovation (Machealth) and Associate Professor at McMaster University)

As part of the presentation, AIHT Sagam was able to demonstrate how the platform works in real-time. We wish to thank Dr. Walter Obita, Mr. Duncan Mwai, Mr. Crispus Muthiani and Mr. Isaiah Opondo (together with Ms. Kovalski, Prof. Levinson, Dr. Khama Rogo and Dr. Lucie Rogo) for their support in getting the hub and the launch up and running.

The new online service offers intensive courses written by professionals for professionals and opportunity for thoughtful interaction with peers, both in Kenya, the region and beyond.

To sign up or find out more, please visit the AIHT Sagam website or copying and pasting the following url into your browser:

AIHT Updates

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The following AIHT updates were shared with us by courtesy of SCH founder, Professor Khama Rogo.


AIHT shares innovations with Zimbabwe

The AIHT experience was recently presented at Victoria Falls during the annual conference of the Association of Health Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFOZ).  The photos below aptly represent the determination of AIHT to share the PP in health experience and innovations with like minded networks across Africa, from Lake Victoria to Victoria Falls!



AIHT Sagam at the 6th Quadrilinial conference of ECSACON


Nearly 1000 nurses from 16 African countries and beyond, recently gathered in Nairobi for the East Central and Southern African college of Nursing (ECSACON) Conference.  All global and regional nursing royalty were there, including the current President (Kennedy from Ireland) and Past President (Judith Sharman from Canada) of International Council of Nurses (ICN), the President of ECSACON (Susan Otieno), and President of JHPIEGO (L. Mancusso).  Near Kiereini, the first and only black president of ICN, former Chief Nursing Officer in Kenya.  They both graced the occasions together hinders of senior nurses from the country and region.

The ‘Nightingale’ procession and candle lighting were events to behold.

Professor Khama Rogo chaired a special two hour stimulating Presidential round table at the plenary before the official opening by Kenya’s Deputy President.   Both Siaya and Kisumu counties were well represented by strong delegations, led by the first lady of Kisumu County, H.E. Dorothy Nyong’o.  Mrs. Nyong’o comes a historically formidable nursing family.  Both, her mother and aunt were pioneer nurses at Kenyatta National Hospital.  AIHT was at hand to attend to accompany the County delegations and display our UBT innovations through the well visited KMET stand. 

The pictures below help to tell the story.

Outreach Returns

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After a two-week hiatus SCH’s community outreach program will continue this Wednesday, the 19th, at Ulumbi.  During our outreaches we strive to provide health services to rural areas that may not have the same access that many others have.  We will set up at the church in Ulumbi (near Yala town) and are kindly asking for people or organizations to join us as partners on the day.  If you are interested, please contact Javan Ogoch at 0719893544.  Thank you in advanced.

A photo taken from a past outreach.

September’s Ketamine Week

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Every Second Matters for Mothers and Babies Ketamine (ESM-Ketamine)™ Anesthesia Training Program: The training program for this life-saving, award-winning safe anesthesia solution in areas of Kenya with limited access to anesthesia services is housed at the African Institute for Health Transformation (AIHT).  AIHT at Sagam Community Hospital (SCH) was excited to host trainees from Kisumu County for September’s Ketamine Week.  The team from Kombewa (in Kisumu County) consisted of three registered nurses, a Clinical Officer (also trained as an anesthetist) and a medical officer.

The team from Kombewa.

SCH agreed to train this team during a ceremony held  by H.E. Peter Anyang’ Nyongo’ earlier this month in Kisumu which was held to jump start UHC in Kisumu County.


This month’s Ketamine week started with a slight hiccup as there were some logistical issues on Monday (the traditional start of Ketamine Week).  Because of that, only one member of the Kombewa team was able to start training then, with the rest all arriving on Tuesday morning.  Despite the shorter week than usual, the trainees got some excellent hands on experience in administering Ketamine.  There were 21 surgeries performed last week including four successful emergency cesarean sections. 

One of the twenty-one surgeries performed during the week.

After a busy week full of lectures, surgeries, a pretest and a posttest, all of the team members from Kombewa were successfully trained as Ketamine providers.  In celebration of this we held our traditional graduation ceremony on Friday evening to conclude another successful Ketamine Week.  In this ceremony we presented the former trainees with their Ketamine certificates, danced, and enjoyed some cake.

We would like the SCH staff for working so hard during this Ketamine Week.  Also thank you to the Kombewa team who were able to come on short notice and were excellent students.   SCH is very proud to have accomplished our goal that we were given earlier last month.  We intend to build on this successful Ketamine Week with more in the future.

The team from Kombewa took a group photo before departing.

Our Team;

Our Facilitators

Javan Imbamba, Clinical Officer, Ketamine Champion (SCH)

Wenslaus Adenya, Clinical Officer, Ketamine Champion (SCH)

Juma Jaqtone, Anaesthetist (SCH)


Our surgical staff

Dr. Taha Yusufali, Chief of Surgery (SCH)

Dr. Nyamogo, OB/GYN consultant and Assistant Team Leader for the ESM-Ketamine Project

Lucy Atieno, Surgical Tech

Samuel Orondo, Surgical Registered Nurse

Kashmir Owino, Surgical Tech

Grace Sawanda, Surgical Nurse


Additional staff members;

Debora Rogo, General Manager

Juddy Odhiambo, Administrative Manager

Leslie Ojeaburu, Program Coordinator

Phoebe Kelleher, Program Coordinator

Sebastian Karlson, Assistant Program Coordinator

Dr. Solomon Orero, Team Leader for the ESM-Ketamine Project


For more information on AIHT please visit our website by clicking here.


This article was written by Sebastian Karlson.