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Testimonial: SCH Founder’s Experience with Cuba’s Healthcare System

Posted by on Jan 24, 2017 in Events, Recent News, Testimonials | 0 comments

SCH founder, Dr. Khama Rogo, visited Cuba recently to learn more about their famous healthcare system. Please find his testimonial below on the lessons learned from one of the world’s most official public health systems: Cuba is a small island in the Carribean Sea. It’s 11 million population enjoys some of the highest health services on the world. Their health outcomes rank with best in the world and are the envy of most rich industrialized nations. Cuba is a developing third world country without any natural resources such as minerals or petrol. It has only one major cash crop, sugarcane. In fact, driving through rural Cuba resembles Kibos and Chemelil areas….miles and miles of sugar plantations run by the state through cooperatives. You may be forgiven to think you are in Awendo. Cuba is also famous for its Cigars, highly sought globally, and it’s rum. Havana Club is their signature wine and is supposed to be top end. We concur. The most famous son of Cuba is the late ‘El Commandante’ Fidel Castro, who passed on a few weeks before the Sagam visit. The island is still in mourning of their beloved revolutionary. The biggest benefit the revolution brought to every Cuban is in the social sector- free quality healthcare from cradle to grave; free education to the highest level your grey matter can propel you. They have some of the best universities and experts in every field, sciences, arms literature and health. Name it. And they have allot to spare and export……over 30,000 doctors serving as aid to other countries (including sending doctors to Africa; most recently, they sent the highest number of doctors to Liberia and Sierra Leone to help with the Ebola crisis).   No starvation- every Cuban family gets a monthly ration, irrespective of status, with special package got children. So….there is no malnutrition and stunting of Cuban children. No wonder they flourish is sport and look so pretty and happy….with full stomachs. That is not tall; Cuba is a truly rainbow nation. The hue of colors from black to white to every mixture in between, living together in completely mixed communities. Their is no color...

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Note of Appreciation for SCH Staff and Consultants amidst Doctor’s Strike in Kenya

Posted by on Jan 4, 2017 in Events, Partners, Press/Media, Recent News, Testimonials | 1 comment

Ordinarily, December is a quiet month in Kenyan hospitals. Patient postpone consultations, defer invasive interventions and even asked to be discharged from the wards to join family and friends over Christmas and the new year. This last December was very different at Sagam due to the on going doctors’ strike that has crippled all public hospitals in the country. Private hospitals have been inundated with hordes of patients, most of them too sick to wait for the labor dispute to be resolved. For us at Sagam, the situation was worsened by the fact that we are the only private institutions in Siaya County (and sounding areas) offering surgical services while not turning away any patients for lack of money. And they have been coming in tens, hundreds and thousands- filling every bed space and the corridors. Some accepted to sleep on the floor rather than die at home or be referred to less busy facilities with questionable standards of care. It has been tough on our staff. Supply lines have been stretched. We opened all our three operation rooms to run concurrently, 24/7. The results have been remarkable. We took care of everyone. We comforted thousands and saved lives of hundreds. That’s us, Sagam. That’s who we are! Thanks go to our dedicated staff for doing God’s work. Special thanks to our nurses and clinicians (including FEM residents, SCH Clinical Officers and Trainees, SCH interns, MGH Global Fellows and Consultant doctors in from Siaya, Lodwar and Eldoret), ER and OR staff, laboratory and imaging, ambulance and transport, accounts, sanitation, pharmacy, mortuary and support staff in the cafeteria and kitchen…..not to forget the management and leadership at hand. This strike and our response has defined Sagam as the place to go. It has reaffirmed our mission to save lives even in the most dire circumstances. Thank you to the public for trusting us, as we all pray for a speedy resolution of the strike and return to...

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SCH Outreach in Asembo

Posted by on Dec 15, 2016 in Events, Partners, Recent News, Testimonials | 0 comments

This week, SCH was proud to roll-out the last outreach activity of 2016 in Asembo. Thanks to an invitation from the T. Kesia Nyawara Foundation (TKN Foundation), the SCH was excited to return, especially since it was the first time that we were using our new health wagon that we received from Jhpiego Kenya Office. We are very grateful for the wagon, because it is a big step in taking the outreaches to a more professional level. The wagon is a very nice and comfortable place for women to undergo the cervical cancer screening. Also, the wagon has an extensible shed at the outside, to create a shadow place for another station. Here, we did the HIV testing. In this way we were able to place the two stations that need the most privacy in a very safe and private environment. Another exciting thing this week was that we provided a new service: ophthalmology and eye services. People could test their vision and if needed, they got a referral to SCH for further consultation. We were also joined by the team from Carepay as they came to support us in registering community members in M-TIBA! The community was very hospitable, and at the end of the day they invited us for dinner at one of their houses. This was a very nice ending of our busy, but satisfying day! We are grateful for the continued strengthening of our relationship with the TKN Foundation and this outreach adds on to other successful joint ventures including an eye camp in 2015 and donations of eye glasses to SCH. In addition, many thanks to the SCH outreach team for their hard work including our clinicians, nurses, community health workers, counselors, volunteers and...

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Note of Appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. David Dixon

Posted by on Jun 23, 2016 in Partners, Recent News, Testimonials | 1 comment

On behalf of Sagam Community Hospital’s board, management, staff and patients, we wish to thank Mr. David Dixon and Mrs. Terri Dixon for their contribution they made towards the construction of our upcoming Imaging Centre. Their contribution will help lay the groundwork and foundation for a state-of-the-art Imaging Centre that will provide Computerized Tomography (CT) Scans (which will establish SCH as the only institution in Siaya County with CT Scan services), digital x-rays and other imaging needs. Once again, we thank the Dixon family for the support towards promoting quality and affordable care for our community and beyond. Asante...

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Posted by on May 30, 2016 in Events, Partners, Recent News, Testimonials | 0 comments

Earlier this month, SCH had the pleasure of visiting one of its major partners, IMEC America, at their headquarters in North Andover, MA, USA. IMEC is an important partner for SCH through its provision of our teaching container, equipment for our new emergency room, nursery, theatre and wards. SCH General Manager, Ms. Debora Rogo, met with the IMEC team, including its founder, Mr. Tom Keefe and lead coordinator, Ms. Sue Crawford. In addition, she had an opportunity to meet the IMEC staff and volunteers that assist in the great work that IMEC does and also toured their impressive warehouse where it organizes and packs various suites to communities across the globe to support hospitals, schools and farmers. As part of the activities, Ms. Rogo did a small presentation for the IMEC team showcasing the work done at SCH and also how the equipment that they have sent has assisted in our clinical, educational and research endeavors. In addition, IMEC provided SCH with a vital signs monitor and other maternal health equipment that has already been installed at the hospital. Lastly, SCH learned more about IMEC’s new project, the Transforming Communities Initiative (TCI), and looks forward to exploring avenues towards implementing it in Sagam towards strengthened capabilities in health, education and...

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Photo of the Day

Posted by on Aug 15, 2015 in Press/Media, Recent News, Testimonials | 0 comments

On Saturday, August 15, 2015, Petronala Akinyi Okoth came to pick up her her relative, Magdalina Auma Okwar, who was set to be discharged. Due to her disability, SCH gave her a foldable wheelchair in exchange of the wheelchair she has at home that she has been unable to use because it was not foldable. She was very happy to receive the wheelchair and we hope it helps her with her...

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