Further development initiatives are envisaged to:

  • Continually enhance the quality of health care services.
  • Enable SCH to stay relevant in provision of health services and to be adequately competitive.
  • Increase and expand the capacity of the hospital to meet the ever growing health needs and demands.
  • Enable the hospital to develop and implement comprehensive and cost-effective models in health care.
  • Strengthen and build capacities of community level health care providers.


Areas of current development:

  • Improve the hospital’s infrastructure
  • Construction of an Accident and Emergency Center. Introducing an Ophthalmic, Dental and ENT Unit.
  • Introducing laparoscopic surgery
  • Constructing a private wing for in-patients.
  • Establishment of a Resource Center (for reference and research).
  • More attention to Quality Assurance Quality Improvement
  • Developing models in infection control, patient care, patient accountability, referrals, outreaches, and research.