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SCH’s Eye Department, led by its in-charge, Mr. Martin Audi, has been busy as it prepares to expand its ophthalmic services to include the establishment of a monthly eye clinic, periodic eye camps and opening of a brand new and well-stocked eye shop with a full-time optometrist.


The eye shop will include a range of eye glasses including budget and designer frames to meet both the need, preference and pockets of our various clientele. A sampling of the designs and brands to come can be seen in the photos below.



This expansion builds upon SCH’s collaboration with Dr. Dan Kiage, who established the Innovations Eye Centre, a state-of-the-art ophthalmic hospital in Kisii. Beyond serving as a Honorary Faculty under your Family and Emergency Medicine (FEM) Residency Programme, he is also providing advisory and consultative services to SCH in regard to
ophthalmic personnel, equipment, infrastructure and standards as we expand our eye services. In March 2016, the SCH team visited Innovations Eye Centre to learn more about the services they are providing there. Dr. Kiage will also assist in the roll-out of clinics, eye camps (in addition to the successful eye camp held at SCH in July 2015 with support from Innovations Eye Centre and Siaya County) and also serve as a referral point for SCH’s patients and for the community at large. Photos from the visit are provided below as Dr. Kiage shows the SCH team around his hospital.



In early April 2016, Dr. Kiage visited SCH again to review our equipment and infrastructure expansion to assist in planning for the roll-out of eye services. In particular, he was assisted by a team of carpenters and a ophthalmic biomedical engineer, to build our display unit for our eye glasses in our new shop and also test and review our eye equipment. In addition, he joined the SCH team in interviewing potential optometrists to be added to the SCH personnel. The photo below shows the construction that is on-going in our eye shop.


We are grateful for this partnership with Dr. Kiage and the Innovations Eye Centre and look forward to rolling out our ophthalmic services for our clientele!