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IMG_1602 (1)This has been an exciting week for Sagam Community Hospital (SCH). We were lucky to host Dr. Matt Dolich and Dr. Michael Lewaka from the University of California (UC) Irvine. Dr. Lewaka serves as a professor and chief of the Division of Trauma, Burns, Surgical Care and Acute Care Surgery and Dr. Dolich works alongside Dr. Lewaka as an Associate Dean of Medical Education. Our visitors experienced the bustling ketamine week training, shadowed surgeons, and assessed the possibility of creating a UC Irvine global health and surgical fellowship at SCH. As a parting gift, our guests donated a new book to the African Institute of Health Transformation library, Acute Care Surgery and Trauma; Evidence-Based Practice, edited by Dr. Dolich. SCH hopes to see them again in the foreseeable future for their medical expertise but also for their gregarious personalities.

 In addition to our Californian medical doctors, SCH also welcomed guests from Uzima Medical School. Dr. Hiren Patel, a fellow from the Massachusetts General Hospital Division of Global Health and Human Rights, leads a basic teaching twice a week for Uzima students interested in Emergency Medicine. These education rotations are 6 weeks in length and cover topics such as EKGs, ultrasound and basic emergency medicine surveys.

SCH is happy to serve as a hospital that provides educational experience and as an institution that evolves from expertise of visiting medical doctors. We are sad to see our UC Irvine guests leave but will continue to look forward to the Uzima students on a weekly basis.