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Last week, our clinicians Javan Imbamba and Jaqtone Jumah took off to Nairobi to participate in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) training. Throughout their multiple day journey, various topics were covered such as rhythm recognition, bradycardia, stable tachycardia, and pulseless electrical activity and asystole. As quoted by Juma “the new knowledge and skills we acquired during the ACLS training will be of great help in saving lives and we promise to share the same with the [Sagam] team.”

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jumaJavan Imbamba shared his in depth experience with us here: 

“I had the wonderful opportunity to train in Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). It’s a comprehensive training that is in depth. We were able to take part in the training thanks to a generous donation from the Ujenzi Charitable Trust. The train was hosted by Amref International Kenya in Nairobi. I would like to thank, Festus, the coordinator of the ACLS training for allowing us to take part in the training. We were able to interact with the other participants during the program, and we noticed that 80% of the class participants came from rural settings and 20% from Nairobi. This highlights how important the training is and the significance of spreading these skills to rural settings.

The training included Basic Life Support (BLS) training, then transitioned into ACLS training where we practiced different scenarios and theory deductive in the morning. In the afternoon we learned hands on practical experience with mannequins that presented real life scenarios. We have the mannequins at SCH and it was great experience learning how to use them for training.  We hope to use them for our trainings here at Sagam. We were also introduced to Air Medics and the work that they do regarding patient care. We had the privilege of taking a tour of the aircraft used to transport patients as well.
I can proudly say that Jumah and I passed the exam. We are very excited for the future prospect of working with Amref International Kenya to host an ACLS training for the Lake Region to expand the training to the western region of Kenya. It was a privilege and honor to take part in the training and the future looks bright”.