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AIHT and KMPDB banners stand proudly before the start of the launch.

On any graduation day, graduates are made to believe that all of them have the same level of knowledge and skills. Soon after, however there is a rapid divergence and you may be lagging far behind your graduating class, even your best friend.

Dr. Walter Obita and Mr. Isaiah Opondo prepare for the launch.

Dr. George Rae (Kenya Association of Private Hospitals and Kenya Medical Association) speaks with Dr. Andrew Were (Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board)

CPD is important because it ensures you are competent in your profession. It is a continuous process, throughout your professional carrier.  The ultimate outcome of a well-executed and effective CPD is to safeguard the PUBLIC, the EMPLOYER, the PROFFESSION, the PROFESSIONAL and his carrier.

“We are planning to expand this platform to other carders – Dr. Khama Rogo (founder of Sagam Community Hospital and the co-founder of the African Institute for Health Transformation)

Dr. Daniel Yumbya (CEO of the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board) and Dr. Jackie Kitilu (Chair of the Kenya Medical Association)

CPD can be mandated by law or regulation but, at the core, it is a personal responsibility of every professional to maintain optimum levels of current knowledge and skills that enable them to deliver the highest quality of services, that safeguards the public and meets the expectations of clients and requirements of the profession.

“This is transformational – Dr. Kitilu noted in her remarks.

CPD should be engaging and fun to do. CPD must be relevant.

“We are committed to enhancing CPD for all doctors” – Dr. Daniel Yumbya (CEO of the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board)

That is why the African Institute for Health Transformation at SCH (AIHTSagam), in collaboration with Machealth, the Division of E-Learning Innovation at McMaster University and Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (KMPDB) launched its online CPD platform for Kenyan doctors on Friday, September 21, 2018, at the KMPDB Centre, Nairobi. The grand occasion was video-linked live with McMaster University, Hamilton Canada, with Prof. Anthony Levinson and Rosa Kovalski in Ottawa. There was a full house in Nairobi, led by the CEO of KMPDB, Dr. Daniel Yumbya and Chair of the Kenya Medical Association, Dr Jackie Kitulu. All the ten national health regulatory councils and associations were present as we plan on expanding the online CPD platform to other cadres of healthcare workers such as laboratory technicians, nutritionists and clinical officers. Prof. John Adwok, Chair of the South Sudan Medical Council urged AIHT to extend the online CPD service to SS health professionals immediately after the launch.

Mr. Stephen Muthama (Secretary General of the Kenya Clinical Officers Association)

Dr. Anthony Levinson and Ms. Rosa Kovalski was able to join the team via live conferencing.

“The online platforms help enhance learning and change behavior of the user” – Dr. Anythony Levinson (Director, Division of e-Learning Innovation (Machealth) and Associate Professor at McMaster University)

As part of the presentation, AIHT Sagam was able to demonstrate how the platform works in real-time. We wish to thank Dr. Walter Obita, Mr. Duncan Mwai, Mr. Crispus Muthiani and Mr. Isaiah Opondo (together with Ms. Kovalski, Prof. Levinson, Dr. Khama Rogo and Dr. Lucie Rogo) for their support in getting the hub and the launch up and running.

The new online service offers intensive courses written by professionals for professionals and opportunity for thoughtful interaction with peers, both in Kenya, the region and beyond.

To sign up or find out more, please visit the AIHT Sagam website or copying and pasting the following url into your browser: