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Sagam Community Hospital (SCH) had another successful community outreach Wednesday March 29th, 2017. For the first time, SCH traveled to Akala, approximately 75 minutes from Sagam. Cervical cancer screening, HIV testing, blood pressure checks, family planning, and primary care visits were services provide by the SCH team.

IMG_1655There were a total of 126 registrations at the outreach. 114 community members underwent blood pressure screenings and 18 were referred to nearby health facilities. 7 patients were seen at the family planning station and 45 patients were tested for HIV. There was also a total of 16 cervical cancer screenings thanks to the tremendous efforts of the nurses from our hospital.


SCH would like to thank all the hospital staff that made the outreach possible. We would also like to thank our partners at KMET and M-TIBA for teaming up with SCH to create a successful day in Akala.