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On 30/5/2018 twelve CHW’s (Community Health Workers) traveled to Akala for an Outreach program.  The following pictures and captions depict the days events.

One of our drivers, Fred, changes a flat tire before we depart from SCH.

Javon (left) and Fred (right) critique the batteries a bit to ensure the car will start properly.

Entering Akala on market day.

Elizabeth, (seated on the right) head of Sagam’s nursing staff, explains to some curious passersby about the various health services offered on the day.

“Gari La Afya” or vehicle of health. This is how the main setup looks wherever we go. Blood pressure and eye exams can take place under the pavilion while more intense health services such as cancer screenings take place in the privacy provided by the trailer itself.

A patient who has just had his blood pressure checked.

Our CHW’s hard at work. Thomas (second left most) explains the dangers of high blood pressure to a patient.

A woman looking at her cell phone screen through her new glasses.

A group of cattle passes by the SCH vehicle.

More people learning about the free services offered. Also a few patients waiting to enter the trailer to receive cancer screenings.

A man and his goats stops to see what the vehicle of health is all about. Meanwhile another happy patient leaves on the left.

Our CHW’s are all smiles as they check blood pressure and record info about the patients being helped.

Elizabeth takes a quick rest during a very hot day in Akala. The work our staff does during the community outreaches is not easy, but we are very lucky to have such a dedicated staff that does their job well week in and week out.

A patient waiting to enter the trailer for family planning services.

Some curious school children walking past the trailer and our CHW’s.

A young child playing around the SCH vehicle.

Towards the end of the day there was still a steady stream of people approaching us, wondering about what we were doing.

After a long day our CHW’s pack up and get ready to head home.

Throughout the day well over 60 people stopped by to take advantage of the health services provided.  We here at Sagam look forward to next week’s outreach.  

This post was written by Sebastian Karlson.