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On Thursday, May 25th, Sagam Community Hospital and AIHT hosted a training for their latest innovation to implement in Siaya County. The Every Second Matters New born Resuscitation Bundle (ESM-NRB), a contiunos positive airway pressure (CPAP) device that is commonly used in the rest of the world. However, what makes this device so special is that it costs about 15 USD to create, rather than hundreds or thousands of dollars. In addition, ESM-NRB kit does not require electricity. This was specifically designed to function in low resource setting where power is intermittent. This is essential because according to John Hopkins University, most of the 13 million children under 5 hospitalized for respiratory illnesses live in low and middle-income countries.


We had participants come from Bondo, Yala, Ambira, and Madiany Sub County Hosptials and Sagam Community Hospital to be trained in using the ESM NRB kit, also known as bubble continuous positive airway pressure (bCPAP). During this daylong session, the trainers focused on the practical and theory approach to using bCPAP. The next day, the trainers put their teaching to use in live action at each of their facilities. 


We cannot wait to see the positive impact bCPAP has on Siaya County. Massachusetts General Hospital, a founder of AIHT, has also rolled out bCPAP in India and hopes to continue this project in Zambia.

We would like to thank all of those who helped make this training possible:

  • Center for Public Heath and Development
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Master trainers
  • Participants
  • and Partners, for their work in engineering

Thank you!