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Here at Sagam, we have first hand experience with the challenges that come along with the deficits in blood supplies in Kenya. On Monday, September 14 2015, SCH staff members did their part to help mitigate the blood shortage in our community.  The idea of donating blood began in the morning, and by the afternoon Kenya National Blood Transfusion Services (KNBTS) had arrived in Sagam and collected more then 20 pints, or 9 litres, of blood. This impromptu blood donation came together quickly, but despite short notice we had over 20 staff members signed up to donate 450mL of blood. This certainly speaks to the determination and willingness of the SCH to help our community, our country.


Jeffrey Edwards (MGH Research Coordinator), Hiran Petal (MD), and Javan Imbamba (CO) participate in our blood drive!

Mr. Jeffrey Edwards (MGH Research Coordinator), Dr. Hiren Patel (MD), and Mr. Javan Imbamba (CO) participate in our blood drive!

Blood was collected by the Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service (KNBTS), where it is taken for processing and distribution to hospitals, like our own in Sagam. The availability of KNBTS satellite centers made donating simple, convenient, and effortless: they came right to SCH. KNBTS provided all donating materials and even refreshments for those who donated! Our blood, after processing, is donated to those who are anemic, people undergoing surgical operations, patients with cancer and leukaemia, accident victims, and women who have complications during pregnancy ( All of these cases and situations are commonly seen at SCH.

Because of this, we are aware that having blood available directly saves lives. Thus, we aim to hold blood donating events more frequently in the future so we can do our part in mitigating the blood shortage in Kenya and to ensure that all Kenyans in need have access to necessary health services.


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