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Ah ha ha ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive, ah ha ha ha stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive was playing throughout the meeting room on the second floor of Sagam community hospital (SCH) while the staff learned how to administer CPR.  

Only serious faces as everyone pays close attention to Mei Ling’s detailed explanation on how to properly administer CPR to an infant. 

Our amazing physician consultant Dr. Mei Ling Liu and nursing consultant Elise Perkins taught the exercise and watched closely as everyone, nurses, the cleaning staff, clinical officers, and even members of the SCH leadership practiced on improvised CPR dummies.

Everybody is all smiles as they practice performing CPR on our improvised dummies.

 With the help of the repetitive funky rhythm and fitting lyrics of this seventies hit, the Sagam Hospital staff were able to achieve the target amount of chest compressions per minute needed to save a life.  We sincerely thank both Elise Perkins and Dr. Mei Ling Liu for leading this presentation in the hope of saving many lives during emergency situations in the future.

Written by Sebastian Karlson.