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Sagam Community Hospital (SCH) staff member Nurse Lulu Dalia recently attended Every Second Matters Uterine Balloon Tamponed (ESM- UBT) Champions meeting at KMET in Kisumu. During the meeting, champions from different counties including Kisumu, Kakameg, Miguri, Homa Bay, Bogoma, and Garrisa provided ESM-UBT updates on birth delivers from 2016 to April 2017.


Lulu Dalia Nurse at Sagam Community Hospital

At the meeting, champions provided an analysis of ESM-UBT from their respective counties. Lulu recalls, “During our meeting we discussed cases of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) and maternal deaths due to PPH. We also talked about cases where UBT was used, and we discussed some of the challenges counties faced.” In addition, ways to overcome some of the challenges each counties faced and the importance of documentation when ESM- UBT data sheets are filled were discussed.


ESM-UBT Champion












At the end of the meeting, all the champions took an oath called ESM-UBT Champions’ 2017 Resolution. The oath states, “Today I commit to champion the use of ESM-UBT to end preventable maternal and newborn deaths in our count #Wadagi #Khulobile #Tumekataa #WeRefuse #MayaMaya.” SCH would like to congratulate Lulu on her participation at the ESM- UBT Champions meeting. SCH would also like to thank KMET for their continued partnership to providing quality care to mothers and their babies.


Photo of all the ESM-UBT Champions from various counties