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The brain development study is well underway, as researchers Megan Diamond and Stanley Wanjala continue to visit schools in the community for the 3rd week. They have now enrolled children from 3 different schools and they plan to begin enrollment at a 4th school on Friday.

This week the team was excited to welcome Dr. Alison MacMillan, who assisted in participant recruitment and optical assessments. Dr. MacMillan is a visiting resident physician from the United States who will be spending 3 weeks at Sagam Community Hospital, where she will engage in local research and patient care.


Stanley Wanjala (left), Dr. Alison MacMillan and Dr. Audi prepare to transport the OCT machine to a local school where they will perform eye exams.

After completing the research in Kenya, the study will be performed in two other locations in order to assess how brain development varies in diverse geographical settings. The researchers are optimistic that the research findings will provide important evidence on brain development among children in low-resource environments.