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On 13/6/18 our community outreach team traveled to the market town of Gombe. We considered it to be a huge success as over 130 people stopped by to receive our free health services.  In addition to our regular Community Health Workers, nurses, counselors and administrative team, we had the opportunity to accommodate Kelsey Corbin, a Certified Nurses aid from Colorado.   The following pictures and captions depict the day’s events.


A few of our CHW’s are starting to unload the trailer which is parked under a nice shady tree.

Matron (left most) smiles as she takes a look at the camera along with two residents of Gombe as they question about the services we offer.

A motorcycle taxi driver (red and black striped shirt) takes a rest in the shade with his children before he starts to drive people around for the day.

Through out the day 118 people stopped by to get their blood pressure checked, these are some of the first patients of the day.

Gombe is located in the Gem subcounty of Siaya county here in western Kenya. It has some fantastic scenery around the village.

This child is one of the 53 people who were seen by a nurse on the day.

A family on the back of a motorcycle passing through Gombe.

A boy stands next to his mother as she waits to have her blood pressure checked.

A lot of people came by during the day and a que started to form outside the trailer as everyone waited their turn to enter.

The queue gets a bit bigger. The people here are waiting to receive different kinds of free health services. 26 women were screened for cancer and an additional 18 took advantage of the family planning services being offered.

An older man in his stylish hat has his blood pressure checked.

Our CHW’s set up next to shops so they could perform their work in the shade.

A mother sits with her exhausted child.

A woman is being registered as a new patient.

A happy mother waiting outside the trailer with her baby.

Kelsey Corbin, the CNA who joined for the outreach.

Cecilia takes a break for lunch after working tirelessly in the trailer all morning.

Thomas (left) and Sebastian (right) make sure the data recorded at the end of the day is correct.

We would like to kindly thank our sponsors, who without we would not have been able to have such a successful community outreach.  So, a special thanks to Jheigo, Mtiba, KMET, Metronics, Odit, and Essilor.  Finally we would also like to thank the Community outreach team members who continue to do an excellent job every week.


Written by Sebastian Karlson