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A pharmaceutical technician by trade, Kenneth Otieno Oginga (or Ken as he’s commonly known), works as a pharm tech here at Sagam Community Hospital (SCH ).  Always seen with a huge smile on his face, it is very apparent that he genuinely loves what he does.  Every day, as soon as he arrives in the morning, he cleans and dusts the pharmacy making sure his workspace is pristine. After a brief prayer,  he starts filling the prescription orders that have been placed, taking care to prep drugs that will be needed for surgery.  However, his favourite part of his job, has and always will be, speaking with patients. 

Ken is always seen with a huge smile on his face.

Ken decided to pursue a career in medicine after he lost his father when he was still in Form One.  After his loss, he wanted to understand of how medicine affects the human body. Above all, he had a deep desire to help others.  This deep passion pushed him to dedicate the past eight years of his life to medicine.  He is grateful that SCH gave him the opportunity to work in Sagam straight out of college and because of this he “always gives his level best” while he works.

One of Ken’s biggest goals is to leave the SCH pharmacy better than when he found it.  When he arrived at Sagam, a little over three years ago, the pharmacy was attending to only 40 out patient clients  monthly.  Now the pharmacy caters to over 400  in the Sagam area every month.  Not only has Ken been vital in equipping the pharmacy to manage the growing influx of patients but he has also been essential in creating the pharmacy’s ever-growing inventory.  Upon his arrival, the pharmacy only had  access to the most basic drugs, but now they carry some of the best medications available.  In the future, Ken would like to see another pharmacy added to the hospital.  The second pharmacy would be entirely dedicated to the ever-growing outpatient clients we have here so the whole department would run much smoother. 

Apart from his life at the hospital , Ken also has a passion for football.  He supports Arsenal of England and watches them at every opportunity he can.  He isn’t just an avid football fan,  but a player himself.  In fact, he captains the Sagam Hospital’s football team and is currently the team’s top scorer.  Above all though, Ken is a family man.  When he isn’t giving his best at work or scoring hattricks on the pitch, he spends as much time with his wife and kids as possible.

SCH would like to say a big thank you to Ken for his massive contributions to the Hospital.

This article was written by Sebastian Karlson