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Representatives from Sagam Community Hospital (SCH) and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) visited Siaya County Referral Hospital (SCRH) last week to give a presentation and training session for a new research project Hylenex-Assisted Rehydration in Kenya (HARK). The presentation was given by Dr. Vikram Palanivel of SCH/MGH with help from Dr. Fred Odongo of SCRH. The HARK study is focused on evaluating the efficacy of hylenex-assisted subcutaneous resuscitation (hSC) in severely dehydrated patients in Kenya.



It has been documented that dehydration is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in children worldwide with current standard treatments of oral rehydration therapy and IV therapy. Studies in resource-rich settings have shown hSC fluid infusion as a safe alternative with benefits including more timely delivery of fluids, fewer needlesticks, greater patient satisfaction, and lower costs. Use of hSC infusion may provide a valuable means of rehydrating patients in low- and middle-income settings either as first means of care of when IV access is not readily attainable.



The training session in Siaya was carried out in the paediatric ward and included a hands-on session where participants practiced giving hSC infusions using chicken legs. With materials provided by MGH, Siaya is now ready to begin enrolling patients!