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A day long ceremony attracted a large crowd of over 4000 at Diemo Primary School earlier this August on the 9th.  The event was held as part of the National United Healthcare program (UHC). The National UHC is aimed at ensuring universal healthcare for all citizens of Kenya. This is also one of President Kenyatta’s ‘big four’ priority programs that he said the government would prioritize in 2018 during his reelection speech.  The other programs include food security, affordable housing, and manufacturing.

His Excellency, Governor Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o of Kisumu led the ceremony along with the county cabinet and legislators. During the day, the Nation Hospital Insurance fund (NHIF) introduced their brand-new registration process with the help of Mbita technology, Pharmaccess Foundation, and Safaricom.  Together they registered over 5000 households in only 5 days!  The governor and his team also paid a visit to Kombewa Sub-County Hospital, which will  be the service delivery hub in the area.  The hospital’s OR is still under construction and many gaps were identified when evaluating the services the hospital could be expected to provide.  Among the largest problems discussed were the lack of emergency and surgical services. 

Currently, the hospital does not have an anesthetist available, so a temporary solution was identified involving Sagam Community Hospital.  SCH agreed to help establish surgical care at the facility within four weeks.  In addition, SCH was tasked with identifying an interim space within the hospital to serve as an operating room.  SCH also intends to train Kombewa Sub-County Hospital staff members during the next ESM-Ketamine training week and will continue to coach the onsite resident doctor on basic surgeries, including cesarean section.

SCH is excited about this collaboration with Kombewa and looks forward to training Kombewa’s staff members in administering Ketamine during the first week of September. 

This is a giant step for both SCH and ESM-Ketamine.

This article was written by Sebastian Karlson