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Sagam’s team headed to Luri Primary and Secondary School and its surrounding community for the outreach. This week had a little twist where not only health screenings were conducted. Dr. Jennifer Makin and Javan Ogoch engaged in health talks and preventative care with the children from the school.

 Many of the children were curious as to how and why Dr. Makin became a doctor, specializing in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Delightfully, Dr. Makin answered the questions of their curious minds. Among the crowd of students, some aspire to become a medical doctor and follow in the steps of Dr. Makin and other providers from Sagam. In addition, Mr. Ogoch spoke about the importance of sexual health and hygiene. This was a fun day for Luri Primary and Secondary School as well as for the Sagam outreach team.

In total, 118 people were screened for blood pressure, 65 were tested for HIV, 15 family planning consultations, and 18 cervical cancer screenings in the community. As always, we want to warmly thank our partners for their contribution this week including KMET and Kentos.Outreach 2 outreach 1 outreach