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On the week of November 16th, Sagam Community Hospital, in conjunction with Massachusetts General Hospital, is visiting different health facilities in Siaya county to assess how COs, MOs, and Nursing staff handle Non-Communicable Diseases (i.e. heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension) and Palliative Services. The assessment is in the form of written surveys that we are asking clinicians or nurses to fill out because they have the most day to day interactions with patients.

The aim of the assessment is to find out the types of patients coming in to each facility, to compare facilities, and to observe the treatment or referral process, in order to get a more complete picture of Siaya County. The long term goal of this study is to find out what is lacking in most facilities, whether it be in education, lack of supplies, or any other barrier that may inhibit care. Once we find out what is needed, we can work together with the Ministry of Health and local health facilities in Siaya to create programs to improve care.

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Dr. Hijab Zubairi  (MGH Fellow) [right] conducting NCD/Palliative Care survey with the help of CO [left] at local Siaya Hospital

With local and county support, and with our already garnered support from the Ministry of Health, the surveys will offer us much insight into what is needed to improve quality of care and the overall health of our community. We want to be able to provide quality health services, and create interventions to the rising problem of Non-Communicable Disease and to improve access to Palliative Care. We are always striving to improve.