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This week our team went to Kisumu county for a new outreach! This time, we didn’t go to a school, but we went to a little village. There was a lot of music in the village and people, young and old, were dancing around which made the atmosphere very pleasant. The Mtiba team joined us again this week, and we also did the usual procedures including cervical cancer screening with the Mobile ODT, HIV testing, Child health and immunization and family planning. This week, the new OB/gyn fellow Kemi did the cervical cancer screening, and she was very content about using the mobile ODT. We brought some balloons for the children to play with, and, as you can see on the pictures, that made it a very colourful day for all of us! Once again, we are very grateful that we are able to bring healthcare to small places like this and we are looking forward to doing another outreach next Wednesday.


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