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Last Wednesday, our team headed out to Dienya for a new outreach. Just like last week, we were able to do the HIV/AIDS testing, cervical cancer screening and the blood pressure screening (as a part of the Healthy Hearts Africa project). This week we also payed attention to contraception. Women were able to get informed about the different options for contraception and, if they wanted to, they could get the contraception they needed. Furthermore, there were some girls, aged 14-16 years, who had some questions about family planning. They felt more comfortable to ask these questions to women only, so we gathered a small group of women to get those things more clear for them. It was impressive to see how helpful our explanation was for them. We appreciate the hospitality of the school in Dienya and we are glad that we were able to help so many children and adults with their health.

For us, Stefanie and Jessica (medical students from Holland), it was the second time we experienced an outreach. We thank the SCH team for this wonderful work. It is very important that the people who cannot afford to come to the hospital can also get access to healthcare. We are looking forward to the next outreach and we hope this will be continued in this way.