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Here is a brief recap of our outreaches over the last two weeks to Nyabeda in Siaya County (Wednesday, September 6, 2017) and Korwenjg in Siaya County (Wednesday, September 13, 2017).


Nyabeda Outreach

The Nyabeda visit was a successful outreach. Members of the community warmly invited Sagam Community Hospital (SCH), and the community was thankful for the compressive services we provided for them.


Nyabeda Outreach

While in Nyabeda, the outreach team received 88 patients (43 were screened for their blood pressure with 12 referred for further consultation; 11 received family planning counseling; 5 signed up for M-TIBA; 2 clients received glasses, 9 received cervical cancer screening, our clinician saw 50 patients, and 57 children received vitamins and immunization.

For our visit to Korwenjg, the outreach team was accompanied by the mobile health van provided by Jhpeigo.


Korwenjg Outreach

The outreach team received 200 clients (16 were screened for cervical cancer and two were referred, 11 received family planning counseling, 83 children received vitamins and immunization, 85 were seen by our clinicians, 12 signed up for M-TIBA services, and 3 bought glasses offered by our partner Essilor). 


Korwenjg Outreach

Our outreach team will be on break for a couple of weeks, and we will be hosting in-reaches on Wednesdays at the hospital. If there is any change, we shall be sure to keep you updated. SCH would like to thank all of its partners for making community outreaches possible.


Korwenjg Outreach