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SAGAM Community Hospital was represented in the World TB Day which was held on 22ND March 2019 in Bońdo Sub County whose theme was it is time for a free TB Kenya at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga grounds. The Guest of honour of the day was the Rarieda Deputy County Commissioner among other guests. There were various awards in different categories and Sagam scoped the Best in pediatric case finding 2018. Other winners area as below.
Best in case finding 2018

1.Alego A Siaya CRH
2 Alego B Hawinga HC
3 Bondo Nyang’oma Mission Hosp
Gem Ndere HC
5 Rarieda Madiay SCH
6 Ugenya Ligala Dispensary
7 Ugunja Ambira SCH

Best in Cure Rates 2017

8. Alego A Bar Agulu Dispensary
9 Alego B Segere Dispensary
10 Bondo Usigu HC
11 Gem Wagai HC
12 Rarieda Naya HC
13 Ugenya Ligala Dispensary
14 Ugunja Ambira SCH

Best in pediatric Case Finding 2018

15.Alego A Siaya CRH
16 Alego B Segere Dispensary
17 Bondo Mawere Dispensary
18 Gem Sagam Hospital
19 Rarieda Ong’ielo HC
20 Ugenya Ukwala SCH
21 Ugunja Ambira SCH

Best Lab in doing 2 smears for Diagnosis 2018

22Alego A Bar Olengo Dispensary
23 Alego B Boro Dispensary
24 Bondo Ndeda Island Dispensary
25 Gem Wagai HC
26 Rarieda Lwak Miss Hospital
27 Ugenya Matibabu Hospital
28 Ugunja Tingare Dispensary

Best SCTLCs in DR TB STR follow up 2018

29. Rarieda Collins Omondi Akinyi

Best SCTLCs on timely updates of patients into TIBU

30. Rarieda Collins Omondi Akinyi

Outstanding Medical Superintendent in supporting TB activities

31. Ugenya Dr, Felix Odhiambo

Best Senior County staff supporting TB activities County

32. Dr, Omondi Samuel Owino

Best consultant supporting TB activities in the County County

33. Dr Wagude James

Best SCMOH supporting TB activities in the sub county

34. Ugunja Dr Onguche Benard Odhiambo

Facility with best Community TB linkage and referrals

35. Alego A Siaya CRH