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Our Toyota Landcruiser and Jhpiego Health Wagon

SCH Community Health Workers

It was 9 am as Sagam’s trusty Toyota Landcruiser pulled a health wagon (donated by Jhpiego) into Ramula Primary School. Dust rose in the air during this already hot and dry morning. This was followed by our ambulance that ferried our community health workers plus clinical and administrative team as we joined the Rotary Club of Kisumu (in partnership with our own Rotary Club of Sagam and Lions Club of Kisumu). A team of Rotarians from Kampala had also joined the team plus medical students from Kisumu. This outreach was in support of Rotary Kisumu’s support of Ramula Primary School, which began in May 2018 with the construction of a toilet, and now included painting of various structures at the school.

Rotary Club of Kisumu presents paint to Ramula Primary School

Ramula Girl Scouts

After a hearty welcome by the headmaster, faculty and students (which included a march from the girl scouts), the SCH outreach team set up to provide services such a eye checks (by our community health workers who are trained by Essilor as Vision Ambassadors), clinical review, family planning, blood pressure checks (supported by CHAK’s Health Heart Africa project and Medtronic Labs’ Empower Health and Maisha Mapya projects), HIV screening and testing and cervical cancer screening.  

SCH nurse, Cecilia, prepares the wagon for cervical cancer screening

Eye Checks by a SCH Vision Ambassador

Blood pressure checks

We received 159 patients, 102 received HIV testing and counseling, 90 received blood pressure checks (with 9 referrals), 20 received cervical cancer screening (with 6 referrals), 26 received family planning, 25 received clinical consultation,t 2 bought eye glasses while 1 person registered for M-TIBA. In addition, 75 pupils received a reproductive health talk. 

Our outreach coordinator and peer educator, Javan, leads the reproductive health talks

Ramula students

SCH plans to return to conduct a more comprehensive eye camp considering the severe eye problems we diagnosed while there.

Lions Club of Kisumu

Once again, many thanks to Philip Oduma of Rotary of Kisumu, the partners, Ramula Primary School, Ramula Community and our own team for a successful outreach.