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On May 11th 2019, SCH/AIHT partnered with Grounds for Health to conduct a Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) training for Ob/Gyns from Nyeri County. Grounds for Health is a non-profit that focuses on prevention of cervical cancer and has operations in Kenya. Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death of Kenyan women.

Dr. Nyamogo, SCH OB/GYN, leads class discussion

Since 2016, SCH/AIHT has supported their work in Nyeri County by conducting LEEP procedures for patients from there, who travel to SCH to have the procedure done. LEEP procedure is key in diagnosing and management of cervical cancer. In order to make the procedure more accessible to and more convenient for patients in Nyeri, we conducted a training for Nyeri-based Ob/Gyns.

Dr. Juma Mwangi and Dr. Naomi Sitati of Nyeri County

After a safe arrival on Saturday morning, we kicked off with a tour and then followed with an introduction to Sagam and our research institute, the African Institute for Health Transformation (AIHT) that was provided by SCH’s General Manager, Ms. Debora Rogo. Their faculty (and SCH’s Ob/Gyn Consultant, Dr. Mary Anne Nyamogo, also provided insight into the challenges faced when dealing with cervical cancer and how to present it. We were also joined by Mr. Javan Imbamba, Sagam’s Clinical Officer in Charge, who also shared his experience in managing cervical cancer. After breaking for tea, the team then went to theatre to perform 2 LEEP procedures as part of the practical portion of the training. 

Dr. Nyamogo, SCH OB/GYN, leads class discussion

We look forward to hearing from them on how their training will impact the capacity of Nyeri to do LEEP procedures and we shall be following up with them on the same. SCH/AIHT plans on visiting Nyeri to also see first hand how things are going and offer and additional assistance.  We also look forward to partnering on some of our other innovations in reproductive health and newborn care. 
We have proud to partner with  Grounds for Health in providing LEEP procedures for the women of Nyeri County and are ready to continue with any support needed. This serves as part of SCH’s mission in the fight against cervical cancer.
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