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Brenda Adhiambo Ochieng and Brillian Ngati Ongaya, a nurse and a clinician at SCH, recently attended a conference in Nairobi. The conference was hosted by the Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK) as a part of their Healthy Heart Africa programme in collaboration with AstraZeneca.


They met to discuss management of hypertension clients in various facilities, along with ten other hospitals that collaborate with CHAK. Sagam was praised at the conference as the best of all facilities in their management of hypertension in patients. Sagam has 15 Community Health Volunteers that work on the ground to screen clients. Much of the good work that Sagam does is due to its outreaches in nearby villages and we also get many of our clients from our outpatient clinic. This area of our hospital has a non-communicable disease clinic on Thursdays which gives free tea to clients who visit!


With 1,182 clients, Sagam was the best identifier of new hypertensive clients at the conference! If our hospital is able to keep up the good work, it will receive funds from CHAK in the next 2 years. Congratulations to Brillian, Brenda, and all at SCH who have helped us to be one of the top facilities for hypertensive patients!