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On August 11th, 2018, Sagam Community Hospital (SCH) launched a reproductive health talk series targeting young girls in the local community in Siaya and Vihiga counties. The event will be held every Saturday at our training space in the African Institute for Health Transformation (AIHT), SCH’s innovative research lab based at the hospital.

SCH most recently has received a total of four hundred and thirty two (432) bags of sanitary napkins and 3 sanitary pads from one if its partners, Skylark Kisumu, to be distributed to needy girls in the area. This effort was spearheaded by Mr. Dhama Patel of Skylark and distributed to Sagam by Dr. Lucie Rogo.

The first event was held on Saturday, August 11th. It was an absolute success, with over 81 girls attending. As part of the talk, they received information from our outreach and counseling team on reproductive health and provided a safe space to receive and answer their questions.

They provided information on some of the challenges they face including need for empowerment, training in life skills and desire to have linkages to youth forums. They also requested SCH to invite motivational speakers that focuses on their issues.

We hope to continue to strengthen the health talks and are proud to be able to provide a forum for young girls to express themselves and to be assisted in regard to their needs, especially in reproductive health.

Many thanks to the SCH team that organized the event and ensured it ran smoothly: Tony, Thomas, Geoffrey, Javan and Jane.

Once again, we are thankful to our partners, Skylark Kisumu.