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SCH’s implementation of the Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK)-Healthy Hearts Africa Extension Project towards reducing hypertension in our communities is continuing with a lot of zeal!

CHAK released the performance indicators for SCH for the month of August. We are proud to announce that like in July, we are one of the facilities that is meeting their targets (1 of 25 facilities out of 60 facilities).

While SCH  fell in the rankings (from 12th to 14th overall), we were the best ranking facility that has put patients on treatment for the month of August. This is a testament to the wonderful work by our CHWs (linking patients with high blood pressure to the facility), our customer care and clinicians. 

SCH has noted that it can continue to improve in the numbers of people that are screened and will be strengthening efforts within the hospital to ensure that every person that comes in is screened (i.e. their blood pressure taken) and also during our outreach programs. To meet our target and ensure we are assessing as many members of our community, we have began taking blood pressures at our entrance and have plans on increasing outreaches including at churches and bazaars.

SCH Community Health Workers take blood pressures at the SCH entrance

SCH Community Health Workers take blood pressures at the SCH entrance

Overall, SCH had met its targets by 132% (which is the same percentage in July).

Congratulations to our hardworking team of community health workers, nurses, clinicians and administrative assistants and the support from CHAK, MEDS and Astra Zeneca!