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The fruits born from the 1st Annual Siaya Scientific Conference are now in bounty! During the conference, the SCH/AIHT team had requested delegates and attendees to get in touch with them to plan for future outreaches around Siaya. Ms. Rose Juma, the Field Coordinator for IMPACT in Alego-Usengo and Gem Sub-counties, was one of the first to take advantage. She reached out to our team to come to Kambare Village and hold an outreach there. To support our team, she lead the mobilization of residents and coordination on the ground. In particular, she was anxious to bring cervical cancer screening for the women there.

Our land cruiser successfully guided our Jphiego health wagon (gari la afya) safely to Kambore.

Our team set off from Sagam and arrived in the early morning. Support by our Jhpiego medical wagon, our team made the exciting journey to Kambare.

As part of Rose’s efforts, we were able to see 130 people, all of whom were screened for their blood pressure, with 33 referrals made to SCH for further check ups in our non-communicable disease (NCD) clinic. We provide HIV testing and counseling to 48, 12 received family planning services, 26 women were screened for cervical cancer with 3 being referred to SCH’s ob/gyn clinic for further follow up. Others were also able to be seen by our clinician while 4 registered for M-TIBA, the mobile health pocket used by many to pay for health services.

SCH outreach team began to see patients early in the morning.

We are grateful to Rose for the support and we look forward to more fruits and collaborations with other partners within Siaya County!

Stay tuned for news from an upcoming outreach/football match this Saturday in Sagam and a joint outreach planned in collaboration with Siaya County and Jhpiego in Ambira in late November.