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Every Second Matters for Mothers and Babies Ketamine (ESM-Ketamine)™ Anesthesia Training Program: The training program for this life-saving, award-winning safe anesthesia solution in areas of Kenya with limited access to anesthesia services is housed at the African Institute for Health Transformation (AIHT).  AIHT at Sagam Community Hospital (SCH) was excited to host trainees from Kisumu County for September’s Ketamine Week.  The team from Kombewa (in Kisumu County) consisted of three registered nurses, a Clinical Officer (also trained as an anesthetist) and a medical officer.

The team from Kombewa.

SCH agreed to train this team during a ceremony held  by H.E. Peter Anyang’ Nyongo’ earlier this month in Kisumu which was held to jump start UHC in Kisumu County.


This month’s Ketamine week started with a slight hiccup as there were some logistical issues on Monday (the traditional start of Ketamine Week).  Because of that, only one member of the Kombewa team was able to start training then, with the rest all arriving on Tuesday morning.  Despite the shorter week than usual, the trainees got some excellent hands on experience in administering Ketamine.  There were 21 surgeries performed last week including four successful emergency cesarean sections. 

One of the twenty-one surgeries performed during the week.

After a busy week full of lectures, surgeries, a pretest and a posttest, all of the team members from Kombewa were successfully trained as Ketamine providers.  In celebration of this we held our traditional graduation ceremony on Friday evening to conclude another successful Ketamine Week.  In this ceremony we presented the former trainees with their Ketamine certificates, danced, and enjoyed some cake.

We would like the SCH staff for working so hard during this Ketamine Week.  Also thank you to the Kombewa team who were able to come on short notice and were excellent students.   SCH is very proud to have accomplished our goal that we were given earlier last month.  We intend to build on this successful Ketamine Week with more in the future.

The team from Kombewa took a group photo before departing.

Our Team;

Our Facilitators

Javan Imbamba, Clinical Officer, Ketamine Champion (SCH)

Wenslaus Adenya, Clinical Officer, Ketamine Champion (SCH)

Juma Jaqtone, Anaesthetist (SCH)


Our surgical staff

Dr. Taha Yusufali, Chief of Surgery (SCH)

Dr. Nyamogo, OB/GYN consultant and Assistant Team Leader for the ESM-Ketamine Project

Lucy Atieno, Surgical Tech

Samuel Orondo, Surgical Registered Nurse

Kashmir Owino, Surgical Tech

Grace Sawanda, Surgical Nurse


Additional staff members;

Debora Rogo, General Manager

Juddy Odhiambo, Administrative Manager

Leslie Ojeaburu, Program Coordinator

Phoebe Kelleher, Program Coordinator

Sebastian Karlson, Assistant Program Coordinator

Dr. Solomon Orero, Team Leader for the ESM-Ketamine Project


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This article was written by Sebastian Karlson.