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Dr. Rita Cydulka, Dr. Sarah Villegas, the nursing staff (including Mr. John Onyango), the COs (including Mr. Javan Imbamba, Mrs. Zena Anindo and Ms. Ann Sammy), and the registration people (including Ms. Dorothy Ododa) at Sagam Community Hospital are going through simulation training to practice their Emergency Medicine skills in the new Resuscitation Room of the ER.  Simulations are used to give as close to real life practice as possible where participants are tested how they would handle a situation in real life. Simulation training promotes teamwork and communication, and helps inform staff of any problems that should be addressed before they encounter the real life emergency situation.

SIM photo

Mr. Jeffrey Edwards (Coordinator) pretends to be a patient having a heart attack and cardiac arrest, while Nursing staff and COs prepare shock patient using AED.


So far, simulation training has included a patient having an asthma attack and a patient having a heart attack with cardiac arrest. These Resuscitation Room simulations are helping the staff familiarize themselves with the new equipment including the new Medication and Equipment Carts and the new Vital Signs Monitors. Sagam is planning to continue these simulations, and go through different emergency scenarios, every Monday and Thursday morning so that they will feel comfortable handing each scenario in the future.

SIM photo 2Mrs. Zena Anindo and Ms. Ann Sammy (COs) monitor vital signs, while Mr. Javan Imbamba (CO) prepares to give CPR.