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Sagam Community Hospital has entered into partnership with Africa Telerad Limited to offer Teleradiology services to its clients. This will be done by Africa Telerad Limited providing access to teleradiology interpretation services via independently contracted  Radiologists via the Africa Telerad Limited Network to the variuos departments of the hospital. The Radiologists will provide offsite teleradiology consultation and interpretation from time to time as per request. The agreement was done on 29 April 2014 by a visit of Dr Jocelyn Nyokabi Kaguthi, Medical Director Africa Telerad and Francis Ndwiga Njoroge, General Manager IT & Administration  for Africa Telerad Ltd while Sagam Community Hospital was represented by Mr Nelson .O. Rogo Hospital Chairman and Ag Administrator, Daniel Ochieng Ofula, The Hospital Accountant and Benson Sewe Otieno the Executive Officer. Agreement entails;-

  1. Africa Telerad Ltd shall cause the physicians to provide the services to Sagam Hospital twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. The physician providing the services will forward a written final interpretation report, via fax or other media within two hours, except stat exams shall have a preliminary report within an average of one  hour.
  2. Sagam Community Hospital will provide all teleradiology equipment, upgrades, changes or infrastructure changes required to meet the technical requirements of Africa Telerad Ltd’s teleradiology equipment used to provide the Services. 
  3. Sagam Community Hospital will obtain all the necessary permits, licenses, consents and authorization

 This is what Africa Telerad Limited is all about

Africa Telerad Kenya Ltd is  a  teleradiology  company   based in  Kenya.

Teleradiology  is  the  transmission of  medical images  over  the  internet  to  a  radiologist for purposes  of reporting.

Using their well‐tested  and   online   teleradiology  platform,  they connect hospitals  located all  over  the country to  their  radiologists   who  issue reports  in  a  timely  and  cost ‐ effective  manner.

The   process  is   completely   web   based.   Once  the   radiographer  (technician)   in   the   hospital  or   clinic performs   the   examination,  the   information   is   sent   via  a   secure   network  to   their  team  of   radiologists who   interpret   the   examination  and   the   report   is   sent   back   to   the   hospital.  The   process is   simple,   fast and   totally   secure.   In   addition,   their  team  of  radiologists  is   highly  specialized   and   have   achieved recognition  in  their  fields,   which ensures the  quality   of  reports  provided  by  Africa Telerad.

The   Africa  Telerad  teleradiology   platform   is   compatible   with   all   radiology   equipment  –  X ‐ray  (both digital  and   conventional),   Ultrasound,   CT  scan,  MRI  and   Mammogram.  The   platform   can   also   be  fully integrated  with   the  existing information  systems at  the  hospitals. Their  team  of   radiologists   provide  24‐hour   coverage   for  theirclients.   They also   provide  IT   support  round the   clock. They do NOT   charge  any connection  fee  – they  only   charge  per report. The   main  benefits of  using  their services to  the  hospital are:

  1.  Improved  and  efficient service  delivery
  2.  Improved   patient   management with  fast  turnaround  of  reports
  3. ZERO Cost  of   installation   to  the  hospitals
  4. No fixed  monthly  costs, billing is   done  monthly on a  per exam basis
  5. ALL  experienced,  highly  qualified   Kenyan  radiologists   recognized   by   the   Kenya  Medical Dentist  and  Practitioners Board.
  6. Lack  of  labour  risks
  7. Easy  connection  for hospitals  and  clinics  to  the   teleradiology  platform
  8.  Full  compliance   with   the   Health   Insurance   Portability  and   Accountability   Act  (HIPAA),   U.S. law  that  protects  the  privacy  of  the   patient   (patient confidentiality)
  9. Second   opinion,  for  more  difficult  cases.   Our  professionals  can   discuss   exams   with   domestic  and  foreign  experts.
  10. Telephone  contact with  referring  physicians for discussion of  relevant   cases
  11. Flexibility   to   meet your  needs
  12.  Mature technology,  tested   and  approved  by  the   U.S.  and  Latin  American   markets.
  13. Rapid and  secure  online  access   to  all  reports
  14. Secure  transmission of  patient  data
  15.  Training  of   local   technical   staff   in   the   use  of   image   transmission  as   well  as   our  teleradiology  platform
  16.  Fast  turnaround  of  radiology  reports
  17. Service  24 hours,  every day of  the  year  in  Kenya.

Africa Telerad is  looking  forward to  working with  the Sagam Community  hospital  to  improve  service  delivery and  improve  the   accessibility  to  medical imaging services by  the   citizenry.