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Over the past 10 days, we have had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Chris Barrios and Dr. Megan Lundeberg from the University of California (UC), Irvine. As renowned trauma and critical care surgeons, they brought a great deal of insight and consultation expertise to Sagam Community Hospital. Recently, Dr. Lunderberg gave a riveting presentation on haemorrhagic shock and trauma. This medical education presentation provided critical information for our Sagam clinicians as we unfortunately see numerous road trauma due to matatus and boda bodas.

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A couple of months ago, we hosted Dr. Dolich and Dr. Lekawa, co-workers of Dr. Barrios and Dr. Lunderberg from UC Irvine. The continuous visits from UC Irvine surgeons are for the potential to begin and rollout a surgical fellowship, a global health experience at Sagam. Here at Sagam, we have not only enjoyed their medical expertise but also their gregarious personalities. We look forward to the full implementation of this surgical fellowship at Sagam Community Hospital!