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On Friday the 10th, a research dinner was held at Siaya County Club in honor of the new HARK Research Champions from Siaya Referral Hospital and Bondo District Hospital. Dr. Fred Odongo, who oversees the research at both Siaya and Bondo, Ms. Christine Atieno and Mr. Fredrick Ochieng from Bondo District Hospital, and Mr. Silah Oluoch from Bondo District Hospital were all in attendance. Mr. Kevin Otieno from Siaya Referral Hospital was not able to join that evening.

HARK Dinner 2

In order from left to right: Dr. Sarah Villegas (MGH Fellow), Dr. Colleen Fant (Resident),  Ms. Sarah Mireles (Coordinator), Dr. Fred Odongo, Dr. Rita Cydulka (Emergency Medicine Doctor), Ms. Sharon Lickerman (Educator)


The dinner gave Sagam/MGH staff and the HARK Champions a chance to meet one another, as well as an opportunity to share any success stories and concerns the HARK Champions had about the use of Hylenex at their respective hospitals.


HARK Dinner

From left to right: Ms. Kelsey Natsuhara (Harvard Med Student), Ms. Christine Atieno, Mr. Fredrick Ochieng, Dr. Karla Fredricks (MGH Fellow), Ms. Debora Rogo , Mr. Silah Oluoch

Throughout the course of the research dinner, a summary was given on the use of Hylenex thus far. Siaya has treated a total of 5 cases of severe dehydration with Hylenex and Bondo has treated a total of 13 cases, with one severely dehydrated patient needing two doses of Hylenex. Bondo’s numbers are impressive for only finishing their training two weeks ago! The dinner was a success in establishing a strong support network between Sagam/MGH Staff and the HARK research Champions at Siaya and Bondo and we look forward to the continued success of these partnerships!