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Mr. Javan Imbamba, an outstanding clinical officer here at Sagam Community Hospital, graduated from the Emergency Medicine Kenya (EMK) ultrasound training program on Thursday, April 14th. He received training in Nairobi during September of 2015 and his skills were assessed again on Thursday. More than 25 healthcare providers were assessed during this time, but Javan was the sole student to pass the testing.

His training focused around Proficiency in basic Point of Care Ultrasound in Clinical Practice (POC US), which is an essential skill in healthcare. Kenya has a limited number of radiologists, and skills in ultrasound have been shown to help health care providers’ ability to assess and manage critically ill or injured patients. It is also incredibly useful in increasing providers’ confidence in the diagnosis and initial management.

Clinical Officer Javan Imbamba


Clinical Officer Imbamba said that his training would be incredibly useful when “making quick decisions for treatment in emergency cases”. He also said that he looked forward to sharing his ultrasound knowledge with fellow clinicians and nurses here at Sagam. Our most sincere congratulations go out to Mr. Javan Imbamba on his latest contribution to Sagam Community Hospital!