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Recently, Dr. Hijab Zubairi, Dr. Priyanka Tulshian, Dr. Fred Odongo and Christine Onginjo attended the Kenya Pediatric Association Conference in Eldoret, presenting their findings on research conducted at Sagam Community Hospital and other surrounding hospitals.


On returning, they reported that their research was well-received and that it was also a very informative conference for them as well.


Dr. Priyanka Tulshian said that “It was inspiring to see so many doctors and researchers from Kenya dedicated to improving health care for children all over the country. I was also pleasantly surprised by the strong interest in addressing issues regarding Non-Communicable Diseases. We feel that there is room for a lot of innovation there that could have an extremely positive effect on the population.”

We look forward to continued progress as Kenyan doctors and researchers work towards the goal of better health for the citizens of Kenya.